1 March 2011

Will it work or won't it?

Throws!  Love 'em, hate 'em!  Why do we  have them and can we do without them?  

A few years ago we bought new armchairs - the sort that recline.  To keep them looking good we did the obvious thing - bought throws for them.  These are really a great idea BUT they migrate!!!  Getting them on is one problem and then keeping them from moving into the centre of the chairs is impossible.  They are, after all, one huge piece of fabric and when the aged butt hits them they are forced to move!!

Anyway I got thinking about this and decided to make new ones which aren't in one piece.  The first picture shows the back, seat and lower piece which are all stitched together.  The back goes over quite a way - like a regular throw.  The seat part is 'just enough' to tuck into the seat at the sides.  I then added another piece which goes over the foot part and protects the front of the seat.

The bottom picture shows a long rectangular piece which goes over an arm, down through the seat and back over the other arm.  This has a enough fabric in it to form a 'bead catching lip' at the back!!!!  This is one of the reasons I have to have a throw - to catch those errant beads!!!

Oh, don't look at the clutter round tat corner!!!  I keep tidying it up and it keeps creeping back!!! Perhaps that's one of the reasons I keep losing things too. 

Does anybody know if this type of throw has been tried before?  I'm hoping it works but if it doesn't then I'll stitch all the pieces into one large one and go back to struggling with 'arranging' it every day!


Sally Kerson said...

It will be very interesting to see if it works - clever idea.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. You could actually incorporate a pocket into it for your tatting.
They look similar to the fitted chair covers on the market.


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

I think it will work, looking good and it will protect the chair and catch your beads, have the same trouble here, I am always losing my hook, I sit with my feet up on the settee (it has a throw) and my hubby says all he hears is "I've lost my hook" so yes I think your throw is OK.

Gina said...

I hate the way they bunch up! My biggest problem is the cats so I'm constantly putting big towels on the back and the seat. Easy to pull off and wash!

Ladytats said...

I have made chair covers before for recliners. it worked best for us if the back and seat weren't stitched together. that is what seems to cause the migration, the giving of the springs in the seat and back. if the back and seat are separate pieces and then you use the piece to cover the arms and wide enough to cover the "split" between the back and seat. that is similar what I have done before.

Ridgewoman said...

Well, I loose stuff in a flat bed...so can’t imagine hunting through a recliner! LOL I’m always loosing my small coiless pins, mini crochet hook (it is missing at the moment along with 2 coiless pins ~ but they are here someplace). And have to watch Pippa or she will steal any pen-like shape, shuttles...but I must find the pins before she comes home from the vet because she loves metal and might just swallow those! DH get’s so tired of hearing me say, “Oh rats, I’ve lost another . . . . “ Trouble is everything slides off and into nooks and crannies...Oh the life of a Tatter!
Love your idea...do hope it works out and meets your need!
xxx P

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