16 April 2011

Buzzing along

First of all thanks to those who helped with my problems yesterday - I'm not telling Nick how long I've spent so far on the diamonds!!!  He MIGHT insist I do some of the 'H' word instead!!!!

Yesterday I did a 'stint' of demonstrating tatting at the Buzz Cafe which is in the centre of town - about five minutes walk from where I live.  This is a new venture and a brave and forward looking one too.  Here's a link for more information about what happens there.  I thought you'd like to see some pictures of the cafe so that when you visit the town you'll know exactly where it is and where to pop in for a stonking good sandwich, cake, cuppa tea or anything they've got on their menu.  

So, the first picture is the outside.  The second picture is taken from exactly the same spot but I turned round about 45 degrees and zoomed in slightly.  Can you see that old building over there to the right of the tree? Well, that's Shakespeare's Birthplace.  

The third picture and the fourth pictures were taken inside the Cafe. 


Fox said...

What a terrific venue!
Fox : )

John said...

Looks absolutely wonderful! I loathe the 'H' word!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane,
I absolutely love photographs of your home town.

Gina said...

It looks like a delightfully cozy place to visit! I need to put it on a list!

Sally Kerson said...

Well it should do well being so near such a famous place. Not too far from Moo Street either, so you must feel very much at home!!
I'll tell Nick!!

Jane S. said...

I enjoy seeing photos of your lovely town...when I was visiting there once upon a time, the place where I was staying was built on the location of Shakespeare's rubbish dump (back in the day). From my living room, I could look directly into the garden of his birthplace! So I know exactly where that cafe is located. It sounds like a wonderful place to tat!

Val said...

ooh JANE, i love the pic with shakespeare's house in it! been wanting to see it in real person... it's on my trip list now. :p

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Jane S - for three years I worked in an office which overlooked the Birthplace's back garden! I think I know exactly where you stayed - in a hotel a few doors away from the vet where we take our cat. Guild Street used to be the town rubbish dump - you are SO right.
Val and everybody else - when you pass through Stratford you must let me know and we'll meet up at the Buzz and have a 'tat and chat'.

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

How lovely to see pictures of your home town, although I have been near to it I have not been in Stratford. I hope you have a lovely day demostrating.

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