15 April 2011

Fretting about things!

Some people think I've got a good 'eye for colour' but it's not really true as I've never studied colour at all.  I use that good old fashioned thing called instinct!!!!

So, first today I'm going to ask you to look at the original diamond mat I made a few years ago.  See how the 'flowers' repeat in the rounds?  Now look at the one I'm working on this year.  I've repeated the flowers in this first round.

So here comes the BIG decision.  I've decided NOT to do the repeats in the next round.  No, no, NO!!!!  I'm just going to 'go with the flow'!!  The main reason is because I have so many drop dead gorgeous threads that I want to use and in some cases probably not enough to do 3 repeats.  Part of the reasoning for making this whole thing is to use the threads I've got and NOT order more (the temptation is always there, though)!!!!  

Now, can you see in the third picture where I've paired them up?  I've got a variegated for the centres and 'plains' for the outlines as usual.  I've also numbered the pairs so I know which should sit next to each other.  BOY, is this going to be fun?  I just need to finish the in fills of this round and then I'll be off on the next!!!  

When all the infills are done there will be 66 diamonds.  Each diamond takes roughly three quarters of an hour!!!  This means that I've already spent a long time over this - can anybody work it out for me?  Now the next 'round' of flowers will be made up of 90 diamonds but I'm not going to work anymore out as I'm hopeless at maths even at the best of times!!!  

I would love to know how many more days, hours etc this is going to take but there again perhaps it's best NOT to know!!!  


Margarets designer cards said...

I think Jane you are going to working on this for a while yet. I think plain colours for infil and varigated for the diamonds.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Both mats are gorgeous! I couldn't figure out the math if my life depended on it, and I'd probably give up before I got started if I knew!

Fox said...

I love watching the progress on this. It is such a great idea to use up all (did I really say ALL?) the threads!
Fox : )

Ms Sharma said...

Wow! Your blog is great. Fabulous projects and nice colour combination. Nice Tatting. Though I love and know tatting I have not tried big projects. But your work is fascinating and motivates me to take my shuttle again...:)

The above diamond mat is some what like my Rangolis-floor art from India. Visit my blog and see for yourselves:


May be you may try out my designs for tatting?

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you Ms Sharma. I will go and take a look.
COME ON the rest of you - help me out with the math!!!!!!

God's Kid said...

Looks like it will be gorgeous! :)

Susie said...

66*3/4 = 49.5 hours; 90*3/4 = 67.5 hours; together = 117 hours total.


Beelizabeth said...

It has taken 49 and a half hours for the 66 motifs and will take another 67 and a half hours for the round of 90 diamonds. Maybe you don't want to read that;)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, YIKES, Susie and Beelizabeth. What HAVE I let myself into?!?!? Oh, well, back to the diamonds!!!

Ridgewoman said...

Loyal said (because I’m BAD at math) all together you will have spent roughly 2 weeks based on an 8 hour day (If you’d tatted 8 hours straight). That is 117 hours divided by 8 (or how ever many hours a day you are working on this) to get your total. He agreed with Susie and Beelizabeth. The 90 would be 67.5 divided by the number of hours you are working. And now, I have a headache...
I really don’t like math at all, even with a calculator.
xxx P

Val said...

no counting from me, jane... phew!

the diamond mat's going to be precious. that's all that matters! it's looking really FAB!

Anika said...

Wow!Those are amazing, and inspirational!

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