11 April 2011

Emilia's bookmark

A couple of weeks ago Emilia sent me a picture of these bookmarks.  They're made from my Friendship Bookmark pattern which is here.

Just realised that there isn't a date on the page but using the wayback machine I've found it was first put on the internet probably in 2001.  

SO, that makes it nearly ten years old.  Time to take another look at it, I guess!!!


Frivole said...

I love the flower at the end of the tail! And the braid effect in the middle! Just printed it and am taking this pattern with me on holiday. Thank you very much Jane. Happy Easter!

Sally Kerson said...

They are so pretty and certainly will inspire many to have a go, so yes please could you just take a little time to glance over the pattern? Pretty please!

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful, lovely colours. and the flower on the ends looks beautiful, she did a lovely piece of tatting.

Gina said...

I particularly like the ends on this too. I think the pattern was offered closer to 2000 but I didn't check my printouts to see if a date was at the bottom.

Hillside Threads said...

So pretty and love the beaded flower at the end. I have lots of beads but I nearly always never seem to have the right size or colour or quantity for the tatting projects you inspire me with.

Solution: - Buy more beads :-)

John said...

Jane, this is beautiful! I too, may have to give it a try.

Fox said...

Me too! Thank you, Jane!
Fox : )

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