28 November 2011

A bit of a puzzle for you!!

OK, now having opened the box and drooling over the contents I really, really had to try the Pink Cocoa, didn't I?

This is what I made from it.  Now the question is - who's design is this?  Do you recognise it?  I have changed it slightly.  I do like this little design but am curious to know if anybody knows where it's come from!!!


  1. Very pretty. The brown is a very dark colour when compared to all the others.

    I think I've seen a similar design, but can't remember where or when!

  2. This is very pretty and reminds me of one of Jon's Yusoff's patterns in Elegant Tatting Gems. Karen in OR

  3. Maureen9:46 am

    Is it one of Jon's? - I've just finished Baiduri, and this reminds me a little of Jon's style.
    I do like your Pink Cocoa; I'm glad it hasn't any white in it, I think the more solid variegates are much more effective.

  4. Looks like your Snowflake #2 that I tatted a couple of years ago. I hadn't any of the little rings for the center, so I joined the small rings to one another.

    Looks great in Pink Cocoa!!

  5. That is a lovely colour combination, even better now tatted.
    Not very good on pattern guessing

  6. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Gorgeous pattern and beautiful thread, sorry I dont reconise it.
    Margaret Designer cards

  7. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Jane, I believe the pattern is your snowflake on a ring#2 without the ring. : ) A lovely little tat. The Pink Cocoa is yummy

  8. I agree, it's your own Snowflake #2 without the ring. I really like the open spaces in it.

    I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with Pink Cocoa when I saw it on the ball, but it looks really spectacular tatted up. All the light and dark shades are perfectly balanced, and the color changes not too sudden. You really have a wonderful vision.


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