3 November 2011

Bright and cheerful pendant!

I'm still slowly working on my web pages.  They're doing OK but still need more work on the font sizes, I think.  The pictures are slowly being added and I've done the tips and techniques, animal, celebration and odds and ends pages too.  Takes ages to do but keeps me out of mischief!!!

I'd still got some thread on the shuttles when I'd finished the earrings so decided to make a pendant to match.
Normally I never leave thread on shuttles as I prefer to wind it back onto the balls - easy when using a bobbin shuttle and keeps the 'right colour' with the 'right ball'!!!  This time, though, as I'd got three strands on the bobbins I wasn't prepared to go to the trouble of winding back each strand separately.  Can you imagine trying to do that with a slightly 'lively' polyester thread?  So another plot had to be thought out.  I decided to make a pendant to match the earrings.

I'd still got some left after that so the little four double edging got made too.  No idea what I'm going to do with it but cannot bear to waste thread!!!


Anne said...

Hi Jane
Lovely mix of colours. Is the centre piece tatted into the pendant or just pushed into the middle? I'm intrigued as to its composition.

Take care.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Anne, never, ever just 'pushed in' or 'sewn on'. I would never trust tatting like that. I actually join to the metal part as I go along. The metal is from earrings I bought (in a sale) last year and I got 9 pieces from each earring. They make fantastic pendants.

Robert said...

I am curious - how do you wind 2 threads? 3 threads? When I tried it (only once), I looped it around a door handle and doubled it back for say 20 feet. Wound it carefully. When I tatted a couple times the threads separated with the shuttle going between them and I really had a hard time getting it back even. This was a post style shuttle, maybe a 2 or 3 bobbin shuttle would work better. Thanks - Robert, in northern Iowa.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pendant, gorgeous colours.

Jane Eborall said...

Robert - this is the way I do it. I wind a certain amount (pure guesswork!) onto a bobbin shuttle and then re-wind onto another bobbin alongside the thread off the spool without cutting so that it's a double thread with a loop. I cut then and if I want a third thread I again wind the doubled threads off that bobbin alongside another thread off the spool onto another bobbin. Does that sound complicated? Well it isn't really. The 'trick' is to keep a careful eye on the tension as you're winding them up. Well worth the trouble to get glorious colours.

Batty Tatter said...

Glue your edging to a cap. Those colors would stand out very pretty. Carolivy did it on InTatters.

God's Kid said...

Great pendant! :)

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