1 November 2011

Shuttle talk

I have another batch of shuttles ready to list in my Etsy store.
I'm not sure when to put them in there, though.  I've tried different times on different days but still have no real idea on what suits people best!!!  I think the weekends - but would appreciate some suggestions.

If you visit Sally's blog you'll see that last Sunday the clocks changed back to GMT for us.  Don't forget - you'll need any suggestions to be made in GMT as I'll not be able to work out how to change yours to mine!!!  Brain cell 3 'doesn't do' time zones - poor old thing!!!!!

I have the following to sell and the prices are on the Pop a Bobbin shuttle page on the tab at the top of this blog.

Purple Heart 3 with hooks, 1 without
Ebony 1 with hooks
Mahonia 1 with hooks
Yew 2 with hooks
Apple 2 with hooks
Maple 2 with hooks
Afrimosa 2 with hooks
Walnut 1 with hooks
Oak 2 with hooks, 1 without
Cocobolo Rosewood 1 with hooks
Cherry 1 with hooks
Olivewood 2 with hooks
Holly 3 with hooks
American Tulipwood 2 with hooks


Frivole said...

How exciting, I hope I can be quick enough to get a purple heart with hook this time! Being selfish, I'd like you to list them really early British time so that it's the middle of the night for everybody else and then I might have the chance of getting my hands on one! :-))

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

However you do it, I'm going to try my best to get to the shop on time! : )

Margaret said...

I am very eager for you to list them. Pant, pant.

Anonymous said...

In case you're wondering, the U.S. will return to standard time (turn clocks back 1 hour) on Sunday, November 6 at 2 a.m.

Susie said...

I'll put in a vote for any time on Saturday...last time I was in church until all the shuttles were sold when they listed on Sunday. (Besides, Saturday is SOONER!)

Ladytats said...

well, a saturday is better then sunday as sunday morning a lot of people have prior commitments to worship. as for the time, here in the central part of the USA we are GMT-5 and the western part of the USA (california) is GMT-7. I would think that around 2 in the afternoon your time would be the best. It does put Australia and Asia in a tough time slot, but....

Sally Kerson said...

Hope you decide a time when I can watch too!!!

Karrieann said...

I say "JUST" do it.. and all will hope for the best of getting one. I always will miss out because no mater when the word gets out, they are gone. I understand why too! I long for one but accept how things turn out as they do!

Good luck to all!

Maureen said...

As far as I can work it out the Time is now GMT + 10 as we don't have Daylight Saving in Queensland.
So if you were to list the shuttles at about lunchtime......maybe I will be able to buy one before bedtime!

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