2 November 2011

MORE new earrings and shuttle news!!

OK, still playing with this bright thread I bought in the USA.  Here's what I made with them.  This is still double 'strength'!  Yet more new earrings.  I think I really ought to look into growing myself some more ears to dangle them from!!!

After a few comments about shuttles I've now decided that I'll list them at 6pm GMT on SATURDAY.

I also took time to re-stock my Etsy shop yesterday.  I've reduced the prices on almost everything.  

I'm still 'messing' with my web pages too and if you look at the Celebration page you'll see what I'm doing.  Takes time, though and I'll be working on the other links for the next few days so don't hold your breath!!!!  It's not good for your health to hold your breath - it can be fatal, you know!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Love the new earrings! I'll try my best to shop on Saturday. You know I really need more shuttles. : )

Maureen said...

Oh dear - that's 4 am on Sunday here.......maybe next time!

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely earrings, brilliant pattern and great colours. I wont hold my breath as I know it takes time to re-do pages and you wont be happy with it until you have played with it.


Susie said...

I think it is 1 p.m. on the East Coast, so I will be watching for a Holly shuttle...just in time for Christmas (or maybe a bit early). The earrings are gorgeous!

Miranda said...

Not more ears, Jane. More piercings to fit in with the kids these days. A couple more piercings in each ear, both nostrils, both eyebrows, a couple in your lower lip, and your belly button, and you'll have plenty of places to hang all your tatting from. And you'll look so... unique!

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