5 November 2011

They're ready, willing and able!

I'm talking about the new batch of Pop a Bobbin shuttles which are all waiting in the Etsy shop here.  They're willing to be bought and they'll be able to go on their voyage on Monday morning!!

All I've got to do is remember that at 6 o'clock GMT (18.00 hrs) today to set them free!!!  Etsy now lets you keep stuff as drafts whereas before this facility was added you had to list the item, then go and inactivate them straight away!!!  Nearly drove me bonkers!!!

Actually listing on a Saturday and at this time will mean that I'll have all Sunday to make sure they're packed and ready to go.  

If you happen to have overpaid on postage I always refund the excess back into the Paypal account used.  Forgot to mention that!!!


Susie said...

They are flying out of the store!!! I got the holly and maple I wanted, so I am very happy today! Have a marvelous weekend, and send many thanks to your sister and her talented husband.

Neeneral said...

Thank-you! I'm so excited I managed to get the one I wanted!

Jane Eborall said...

Well done, both. That was an exciting half hour!!! Bit like doing the TIAS for me!!! A roller coaster of a ride!!! Susie, the holly is lovely and the wood came from our dad's garden last year. I've sent your message on to Sally.
Neeneral I love the ebony ones too. Nice to have a total contrast in woods when you're working with two shuttles - saves confusion!!!!

Neeneral said...

Received my shuttles today! Wow that was fast! They are beautiful

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Happy Beaks
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