18 January 2012

Another heart and a conundrum!!

Up-date.  Gunhild pointed out (thank you so much) that I'd made a mistake in the numbering of the rings/split rings towards the end of the pattern.  I knew I shouldn't have rushed it!!  I've changed it now - sorrryyyyy.

OK probably not the best of hearts but it's the same pattern as yesterday's.  Oh, here is the pattern, by the way - nearly forgot to tell you!!!

This time I've worked it in two colours but HOW did I do that?  I'll give you some help here.
This is worked from the outside to the inside just like the others and the critical place to look at is top SR on the right.  Now it's not REALLY an SR so what is it?  Have a guess and I'll tell you the answer tomorrow!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That's an adorable little heart!

Miranda said...

Must be a double core SSSR.

Ladytats said...

I would say it is a double core SSSR also.

Maureen said...

Well I do hope that it isn't! - because that's a technique I can't master. And I don't think you have used SSSR's in your patterns before, have you Jane? - on the other hand, if you have, then it would be really good to have your very clear how-to diagram!

kyquilter said...

I've never tatted before, but I want to learn ... your heart is beautiful!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, kyquilter. I suggest you either get in touch with me (email address is in my profile) or google 'shuttle tatting'. There are lots of technique help sites 'out there'. I have some on my site here too http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/

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