16 January 2012

Shuttles from Sally

Quick reminder - Day 3 of the TIAS is now available from the TIAS blog and here!!!

When Sally came to my 'neck of the woods' recently she brought me the following three shuttles as a present.  The top one (first two photos) is Maacki Chinensis and there's a very, very interesting post here about it.  It's GORGEOUS. 

The next two photos are of the one made of Laburnum and Sally's got her beady eye on a Laburnum tree that I own.  Trouble is that it might NOT have that lovely 'pinky/purply' colour to it and you can't tell until it's chopped down!  As the tree is getting old you never know but maybe Sally will get her mucky mitts on it sometime!!!

The shuttle at the bottom is Mahonia and is a beautiful yellowy colour.  Thank you SO much Sally and 'im in the garage - all are happy in their new home.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wonderful shuttles! The top one is just breathtaking! It's so informative to learn about the woods used and their own 'histories'. It makes the shuttles even more special.

People wonder why I spend so much time on the internet. It's because of all the artistry and talent out there - an endless treasure trove of information! I find it very uplifting!

Sally Kerson said...

Not interrested in your laburnum at the moment too busy collected oak from a tree that has been cut down around the corner!!!

Valerie said...

being sally's sister has it's perks! wow! and i'm eyeing and drooling over the 2nd and 4th one up there! LOL

IsDihara said...

For a Laburnum shuttle with those pinkish-purple hues, I might just sell my soul...but the Maacki whatsit-wood is fiendishly tempting too. What a lucky, lucky lass you are!

Fox said...

Man oh man, those are beautiful!
Fox : O

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