20 January 2012


So I bet you all think that www stand for the world wide web?  
Well you could not be more WRONG!!!  In the Eborall family it stands for 'world wide wood'!!!  Sally and 'im in the garage appear to be in the sad state that they're going to have to move out of the house soon and into a tent in the garden.  Why?  Well just look at this post.  The wood is taking over the house!!!  If you read all that post you can see Sally's adventures and then even in the comments it looks as if other parts of the world have now joined in the www.  Another piece was offered to Sally some time ago too.  Even the vicar has got www too.  Sally is now threatening to supply him with a saw as he keeps 'spotting' www on his travels and ringing her up to tell her!

So, where do I fit into this apart from probably having to take Sally and 'im in the garage and give them a home when the tent starts to leak or gets too cold?

Well as some of you know I walk most days round the 'rec' which is opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  I take a shortcut through the churchyard where Shakespeare is buried (well, actually his tomb is in the church and I'm allergic to churches!!).  I'd just got through the churchyard when I spotted this pile of logs!!!

No, I didn't take any cause I think they're Leylandii.  Perhaps somebody can identify the only branch I saw!!!  You can see the churchyard in the background.  This time I resisted the www.


Michelle said...

I sure do enjoy reading both your and Sally's logs. I could imagine Sally walking around with logs but to think youboth do it gives me fits and giggles,

Fox said...

I am afraid the www virus has crossed the pond... Canada has been infected. : ))

Susie said...

Since you have plenty of wood for more shuttles, what is the chance some pop-a-bobbin shuttles with holes drilled for a hook but no hook attached could be made? The newest batch of hooked ones have hooks that go through seed beads quite well, but I keep snagging my "preferred" size 20 thread...I'd be willing to put in the hook I want, but drilling a hole for that hook scares me.

Susie said...

Since there is clearly plenty of wood, what is the chance some pop-a-bobbins could be made hookless BUT with a hole where a hook could be inserted? I keep snagging my thread on the newest "included" hooks, but I have replaced them with a size that works for me...and I'd rather not chance hurting the shuttle removing a hook if I didn't need to do so.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Susie. I've passed your comment on to Sally. We take all comments seriously and look into each and every idea.

Jane Eborall said...

Back again, Susie. The answer from Sally is as follows - I quote!
"The answer is yes a hole can be made, but there is no guarantee that it will be the exact size of the hook that she wishes to put in it."

Susie said...

Fair enough. The sizes of holes that fit the hooks that have been in the shuttles already work fine. It is easier to enlarge a small hole than it is not to have a hole at all...drilling into a pointy tip is nearly impossible. (Sorry about the "double" question earlier...the first one didn't seem to send.)

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