19 January 2012

Answer to the conundrum!!

Day 4 of the TIAS is now out - see this link.

So, this is the way I managed that heart without any cutting and tying until I got to the 'bitter end'!!!  I've put a technique page here too.

It's quite easy really but my problem is that I can never ever plan ahead so when I decided to work this heart with two colours and I got to SR13 I hit the brick wall!!!  I HATE wasting precious HDT thread and as one of the colours I was using was an HDT I simply HAD to work out how to progress this idea.  

Now I'm SURE this isn't a new idea and I MUST'VE seen it somewhere before but as my memory is so poor I can't remember where.  So, this is what I did.  

First of all I worked the ring (13) as usual but hiding the chain thread inside along with the main core thread.
Then I took the one thread (the one I wanted to show) back down to the base of the ring I was making and lock joined it.
Finally I worked back up the other side using the split chain technique.  Really not rocket science.  
Having gone through ALL that and drawing up a new technique page it was gently pointed out to me by dear Georgia that I could've done a chain to join to the last ring and to the half way point, followed by a join down to the base and then a split chain.  The Dora Young Knot DUH!!!  Ah, well, there's always two ways to do anything and I always find the hardest way!!!

Actually I prefer this way as I got a more 'rounded' ring than I get with the DYK method.  Any comment on that?


Martha said...

Could you have used this method as well? http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/SSSRDoubleCore.pdf

That was my guess until I saw your answer.

Jane McLellan said...

I don't think your way would be more difficult than doing a split chain ( or maybe that's just because I'm not good at split chains) and it will look more like a ring. Always good to have more than one way of killing a cat!

Miranda said...

Of course, you can tell how tired I was yesterday-- I didn't even think about the SSSR not working with a join!

Anonymous said...

Jane, what for we are going to use this technique????

Jane Eborall said...

Good question, Anonymous. I 'needed' it when I decided to do that new heart in two colours. I'd got a split ring with a join on the first side so couldn't use a regular SSSR. I could've used a DYK but I've never been happy with those - mine always look as if they've been run over by a big red bus. This was a solution I found to get past a personal 'crisis' so thought I'd share it.

shannon_in_love said...

i believe that Rachael Mohler did something like it on intatters for the hens and chicks pattern she called it a single shuttle split ring alternative


Jane Eborall said...

Yes, shannon_in_love it is basically the same but on this occasion I'm taking another thread up through the first side. Actually it makes for a more 'balanced' finish as there are two threads in the middle of both sides. Also there's a join to a previous picot which makes it impossible to use an ordinary SSSR. Does this make sense?

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