31 January 2012

Marty's shuttle

Today I have put Day 8 of the TIAS 2012 on this blog and the other one too!

This is another of my wins in a giveaway that Marty held recently to give this wonderful shuttle away.  

Now I don't use post shuttles very often but this one's arrival was impeccable timing as I was working on the SSSR idea.  It's so much faster to pop your loop of thread round the post of a shuttle to make those last stitches that this little darling quickly got put to use.

Thank you Marty.  It's just SO pretty.


Unknown said...

Hi Jane,
What a lovely shuttle, your one very lucky ladt
Joy in OZ

Crazy Mom! said...

I'm drooling with jealousy!

rsmre said...

I don't know Jane. After tatting Day 8, it's begining to look like a goat - with rickets! :)

Jane Eborall said...

I'll have you know rsmre that any goat (and IF it's a goat) of mine does NOT have rickets!!! I know how to feed my animals a good diet!!! Heeeeee, heeeeee.

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Happy Beaks
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