4 February 2012

I HATE onion rings!

Before I start - tomorrow will be day 10 and because so many of you (I think ALL) of you now know what the piece is I'm going to speed up the last two parts. Day 11 will be on Tuesday and the last part will be on Thursday. 

I sort of keep a list of things to do.  Sometimes they're suggestions or requests from other people and sometimes they're a direct idea from brain cell#3.  Sometimes, like this time, they're a nudge from somebody!!!

A week or so ago another tatter wrote saying she was having problems with the flying pig pattern which is an onion ring design.  Now, personally and publicly I will tell you this 


There - I've said it!!!!  I've been meaning to sort out the three patterns which use this horrid technique so this was the nudge I needed.

I quite like the three patterns that I did using them but must admit I struggle with getting those darn onions to look right.  (They make my eyes water too!!).

So I'm gradually converting the stinkers into chains round instead of those wretched rings.  Here's the pig done in the 'no onion' style and now I'm working on t'others!!!  I'll upload the three patterns when they're sorted!!!!


Valerie said...

Pls don't throw out this baby! I love it! I can tolerate the onion rings just because... but I'm open to your sorting the pattern out to tat this up with less hics... :)

Elizabeth said...

I really like the pigs. I made a pin out of the flying pig and love to wear it. I will tat another with your new way. Thank you.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

YES!!!!! I'm so glad you are converting these patterns to just chains. I think this little piggy is sooo darn cute and I have tried to make him, but I just can't do the onion ring.

So I am very PLEASED that you are making this darling easier to make. Thank You Jane!!!

I am caught up with the TAT IT and See, It sure was fun. Thank you for doing another TIAS. :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I've never even tried onion rings (that's how far behind I am in tatting techniques), but this seems so much easier! I enjoy your whimsical sense of humor, and the flying pig always gives me a chuckle!

I'm also enjoying watching the goat evolve! You are so clever at designing pictorial images!

Ladytats said...

converting to Catherine Wheel Joins works if not using onion rings. actually using a CWJ works with Onion rings. and the Deep Fried kind are good too.

Gina said...

I prefer chains to onion rings myself. Great idea!

Fox said...

I adore onion rings, but this is one cute pig no matter how he is tatted!
Fox ; )

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