1 February 2012

Another thank you

My final thank you must go to Jess (here's her blog) who offered some of her HDT in a giveaway too.  I've been really lucky recently so I'm sure I'll not win anything now for ages!!!  Feast to famine!!!

Now as Sue Anna will tell you I didn't used to be a hand dyed thread addict until she started giving me threads.  Now she's just made me SOOOO naughty that I cannot resist them.  When I saw this on Jess's site here I just HAD to put in my comment.

When HDT arrives I am pretty dreadful.  I cannot wait to wind it off onto Ezybobs.  In fact this hadn't been in the house for half an hour before it was wound up as you can see below.  I do that so that I can 'see' better how it will look when it's tatted up.  This will be delicious - I can tell.

Thank you, Jess for doing your giveaway.


God's Kid said...

That does look like it will be awesome!! I bought some of her threads too and they are so beautiful that I am having a hard time trying to finish what I am working on before starting something new with those gorgeous threads!!! :)
Have fun and I can't wait to see what you make with that! :)

** jess! ** said...

Aww shucks; you are very welcome. I'm so very happy that you like them! As you unwound it, did you see the bit of paint? I've already tatted with mine that had paint bits on it, and really it did just fine. :o)
I have never heard of an Ezybob before. It looks like it holds quite a bit of thread though. Is the hole in the middle large enough to thread onto a bar of some sort, like they do ribbon. That might be dangerous for me, If I got a bar to store thread, I might be compelled to fill the bar up :o)

Jane Eborall said...

Well I did look for the paint as I wound it onto the ezybob but didn't see any at all. I doubt very much it would show up in a finished item either cause you could 'wiggle' it into a core thread, I think.
Depends on the Ezybobs you get whether they 'click' into each other but yes, they would easily fit on a bar. Ideal for HDT folks. I love 'em.

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