3 February 2012

Little boxes

Today it's Day 9 of the Tat It And See and the link can be found here.

While I was wandering through a shop in town just before Christmas I saw these little boxes.  

I'm a sucker for bright colours and especially this sort of pink.  

When I spotted them I thought - 'ah, tatting' (as you do) and scurried home with two of them.  By the way - I do a very good scurry!!!  Well, I guess it's more of a waddle really!

Time passed (as it does) and the festivities came and went  (so I'm told) and these little Pandora boxes lurked quietly in my tatting cupboard until a week or so ago when they shouted to me to be released.

I decided first of all to strip them of their 'decoration'.  Yes, I'm talking NAKED here.  Naked boxes.

I guessed that it wouldn't be easy or look very good when I finished and you can see the result in the bottom picture.  Pretty naff, eh?

So, time to restore them to something like their former glory (or even better) - but how?

Story to be continued..............


** jess! ** said...

I vote for sewing a lid sock. (kind of like a book sock, or a slip cover!) You could cut off that tag and make another if you liked. That way, you could change out your lid sock as your mood changes. :o) That is a cute box. Good luck!

Margarets designer cards said...

I think some lovely tatted butterflies and flowers would look lovely on the naked box lid.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

The possibilities for decorating your box are endless, especially with all the fabulous tatting patterns you've designed! (And yes, I always envision ways to decorate items with tatting!) I'm sure it won't be long before we see your 'new', decorated box!

Sally Kerson said...

Looking forward to seeing how you have transformed them.

Batty Tatter said...

A heart would be nice. What are the dimensions of the box?

Jane Eborall said...

Madtatter - they're about 5" square, I guess. They're in another room at the moment and I'm stuck in my chair!!!!

Valerie said...

Lovely box! I'm a sucker for boxes too and I totally understand why you can't resist them! Hey I'm so looking forward to seeing it's transformation with your tatting!

IsDihara said...

In homage to the original, might I suggest including some sequins in addition to whatever tatting you think best?

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