13 June 2012

Beaded purse.

Before I start - Joanie has pointed out that I didn't tell you where to get the new book from.  The one I boasted about on Monday by Kelly Dunn.  Here's her email address for you to contact her.  Sorry, Kelly.

Now I'm not sure why I made this.  Honestly - that's the truth.  It's this pattern but made a little larger.

The one thing that I did try this time is to work the flap in one 'hit' too.  Ah, that's probably why I started doing the whole thing!!!  I like a small challenge!!!

I did this by using a 'whole' split chain (by that I mean just leaving a bare thread space before the last ring and then working split chain knots backwards over the bare thread) and then a split ring to travel from each row to the next on the flap.  I really love tatting just for the sake of it rather than writing things down as I go!!!!

I may make a handle for it one day - or there again, I may not!!!! 

Not sure if you can see but I've lined it with a purple lining as there's a purple tinge to the big bead - it's a carnival bead.

I suppose you could keep a couple of shuttles in it as it's about that size.


Martha said...

Gorgeous! Another pattern to add to my to-do list.

Maureen said...

It's a tatted Eeyore bag! - ( Useful for Putting Things In ) - and it's gorgeous.

God's Kid said...

That is really neat!! It sure looks like tons of work! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Beautiful bag! I had never checked out this pattern before, and I see you designed it in 2006, amended in 2010! The original pattern (and your drawings) are amazing (as usual), and now you've accomplished tatting the flap in one 'hit'. I can't quite wrap my head around the split chain thing, but it's amazing how you figure all this out. Please tell me you didn't tat this in one evening!

Jane Eborall said...

No, Kathy, not one evening but several!!!! It took me ages to get round to putting the lining in!!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

OK. I feel better now! We certainly appreciate your talent and contributions to Tatland!

Ladytats said...

Hi Jane, that is how I do my Christmas trees, leave a bare thread space, tat the last ring, then do unflipped stitches back to the next row. then a split ring.
your purse is very pretty

Valerie said...

A totally gorgeous one, Jane! I love it!

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Ladytats, that little Christmas tree pattern has been around for about thirty to forty years and it's amazing how we find ways to 'improve' on it still.

Maureen said...

Christmas Tree pattern? - which christmas tree pattern?

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Maureen, the little triangular one that was first published many, many years ago.

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