19 July 2012


So what came out of the butterfly?  Well another 'DUH, why didn't I think of that before' moment.  Before I forget - the pattern is here.

Feelers - no, not men with wandering hands but the things you see on critter's heads.  That's what came about.  I know they're properly called antennae but that wouldn't make a joke, would it?

I suddenly thought of a better way to do that butterfly's antennae.  It's SOOOO simple I'm wondering where brain cell 3 has been hiding all these fifty and more years of tatting!!!  Here's what I did.  This (you brainy people 'out there' will realise) is a simple crochet chain!!!

The last SR on the butterfly finishes with a vsp and a double stitch on each side.  So, working with each shuttle separately - this is what you do.
Pull a loop up through the vsp closest to the thread.
Take another loop up through the new loop and pull the first tight. Make ten of these crochet chains and on the final loop take the shuttle right through to stop it coming undone again. Tie and cut. So ridiculously simple and it gives a stonking great feeler.


geraldine said...

Great idea for feelers. Brain cell must have been working over time that day. lol. Going to have to try it out now.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Love your idea for the feelers! Why didn't I think of that?

Maureen said...

I've always loved the original butterfly, I'm glad he's still around! - but the new one is good too. I'm interested in hearing the story of why you needed it for a particular project?

Susie said...

Your patterns are SO NICE. Keeping the FS/BS stitches colored differently, giving how much thread is needed per shuttle, and the numbering of your rings are all so professional. Thank you!

Ladytats said...

I had noticed your antennae in yesterday's post, but didn't have it click in my brain until now. thanks, don't know why I didn't think of that earlier either as I did a lot of crochet

Jane McLellan said...

Aha, good idea. I like the 'plain' feelers on the very small butterfly, but they do have a tendency to disintegrate. I'm thinking these would be more robust.

Sally Kerson said...

Well isn't that clever and still not ends to sew in!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

The amazing thing is using each shuttle to make the 'crocheted' chain. No crochet hook needed! And it makes a nice tight stitch. Very clever of you think of that! I really like the look of them!

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