16 July 2012

Second bangle

I hope you remember this bangle!!!  Well I finally got a second one done!!!  Having done that too I now realise that they're just 'not meeee'.  What on EARTH am I going to do with them?

If anybody wants them they're very welcome to them at just the cost of the original bangle and the postage.  I could bring them to Palmetto if anybody wants to save the postage.

There's a third 'frame' too which I'm willing to part with 'naked'.  I love, love the idea of them but know and will admit that I'll never go to the sort of places where I'd ever wear them.  


Margarets designer cards said...

Morning Jane

I am sure someone will love them, how about putting them in your esty store and see if they sell, the black and white looks very smart.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Although I think they're beautiful, they're just not me either. I agree with Margaret... put them in your Etsy shop. I'm sure someone is longing to have one!

God's Kid said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

Marty said...

That black and white one says MY NIECE all over it! I'm certain she'd love it. If no one else has take you up on your offer, contact me at marty1066 at yahoo dot com and I'd be glad to pay you for the postage, the bangle, and your work!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I just HAD to chime in with my admiration for this classy bracelet in black, white and gold! I love the way you can get the picots over the frame. I'm afraid I'd resort to (gasp) sewing a flat piece on. I can't imagine tatting while the frame is dangling, but, of course you proved it's possible to do so, while adding beads at the same time! Beautiful!

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