17 July 2012

Sort of newish butterfly

You'll recognise this butterfly - well, sort of.  The original is here.

I wanted something very pretty and this exact size for a new project BUT I didn't want to use beads for reasons which will eventually become obvious.

I'll show you what I'm doing soon but I want to get this amendment done first. I think it needs to be on a new page too.

Ah, I may well change it slightly for the final 'new' pattern as I want to make the top wings bigger.  So, hang in there, people - I'll get it done by the end of the week.


Maureen said...

I've always loved that particular butterfly - don't change it TOO much!

Ladytats said...

While I like your versions with beads, I actually like this butterfly better.

God's Kid said...

That's a really sweet butterfly!! :)

Marty said...

Oooh, lovely! Another version I can learn then do whenever my fingers NEED something to be doing.

Bonnie said...

I really do like this version. Nice.

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