30 May 2013

One Finished Curtain - with attitude!

So my plans to sit in the garden to make this curtain have proved a washout so far.  One afternoon is all I've managed.  Instead I've been sitting inside (avoiding the cold and/or the rain) watching iPlayer on the laptop in Tat Corner.

That's allowed - sitting in Tat Corner to crochet as I checked with BC3 first!!!

Now, it's really hard to know what the finished size will actually be when you're doing something like this.  Well, it is for me!!!!  I spent hours doing the maths on it and doing trial pieces but I find that hard so in the end just got on with it.

So when I'd started out, the curtain was meant to run from bottom to top (or, t'other way round!) as in the top picture below.  BUT when I laid it out on the floor I realised that the width was slightly too much.  It would give too much of a 'ruffle' effect.  I'm just SO lucky that it works t'other way round as in the bottom picture.  PLUS a big bonus is that I think the design looks better that way too!!!


Orsi said...

Fabulous work Jane! Looks so pretty!

Margarets designer cards said...

You should know by now all the best plans never work out, at least you were able to get one afternoon sat in the garden, hopefully by the end of the summer you should get at least one more, well a few more.
Lovely curtain, I like it.

Maureen said...

That was fast! - an in situ photo would be good to see!
What will you do for the rest of the summer, now that you've used up your lazy afternoons pattern?

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Maureen, there's another curtain for downstairs to do although I've already started that one and another two for upstairs (thankfully smaller) still to 'think about'!!!!!
Hopefully, Margaret, there will be other days to do them in the garden as there are three more to do.
Photos will be taken in situ when they're both (downstairs) done!!!

Michelle said...

This is truly lovely! And should discourage peerin in although you may get gawkers for its loveliness!

Umintsuru said...

So glad it worked out nicely. It looks so lovely. You have inspired me.

rsmre said...

Good morning, Jane. I like the design in the lower photograph, too. We are beginning to have some consistent spring/summer weather. So hold on the warm weather is on its way! Rosemarie

Jane McLellan said...

Splendid curtain! I'm glad it fits sideways, it looks right like that. Yeah, I do samples and things, but they don't always work out exactly. In the end you just have to get on with it! I hope you'll get some sunshine so you can work on the next one outside.

Fox said...

Fabbo filet!!

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