1 June 2013

Etsy shop

Here is another of the Starry Button Bracelets.  

I actually put three of them on Etsy yesterday along with some Pop a Bobbin shuttles.  I didn't tell anybody ahead of the listing for several reasons.  
First - I'd only got 12 shuttles and I didn't want people to be disappointed if they couldn't get them in the 'race to buy'.

Secondly I actually forgot that they were in my draft listings!!!  I'd done them on Monday and then totally forgot!!! DOH!!!

Thirdly - it's a bit easier for me when they go into the shop quietly and people just 'find out'.

Anyway, I was going to mention their presence today but they've all gone!!!  Just goes to prove that some people look at the shop from time to time!!!!


Unknown said...

These bracelets are stunning, Jane. I saw them in your shop and I've been marvelling over them. I'm just starting to use seed beads in tatting and I can't imagine how many hours--and how much patience--these bracelets must have taken. The more beads, the better, I always say...

Yippeee for Pop a Bobbins!!!


God's Kid said...

Fabulous colors on that bracelet!!! :)

Frivole said...

I love your new bracelet Jane! So pretty and summery... I can definitely picture one on my wrist...

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Happy Beaks
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