28 May 2013

The bracelet has a name!!

Having made a bracelet for Ros I decided I really, really 'needed' one for myself!!!  

So off I trotted to my thread drawers and as so often happens to me, Rainbow Taffy smiled at me so I smiled back and hoiked him out of the drawer.

I'm (as regular readers will know) hopeless about naming patterns but this simple name has stuck with me throughout so it's going to be called the Starry Button Bracelet.  Least I SHOULD be able to remember that!!!!

I'll soon have the original earring pattern ready and will shortly start on the bracelet one.  Text is done but finding time to do the drawings seems to be the problem!!!


Jane McLellan said...

So pretty!

Nancy G said...

Beautiful! So much work and we can't wait for the patterns! Bless you Jane!

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pattern, and I also love rainbow taffy, looks beautiful in that thread

God's Kid said...

Beautiful bracelet!!! :) I love Rainbow Taffy thread!!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

It seems to me that you wish for something and it appears by waving your magic tatting wand! I can't figure out how you do these things so quickly! This is a beautiful bracelet! Love the colors!

Phyllis said...

Lovely bracelet. Colors of thread and beads work so well together.

Sara said...

I love the bracelet and the colours!!

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