1 April 2014

All Fool's Day

Not a day to celebrate when you teach four/five year olds like I used to!!! Bless their cotton socks but some of the 'jokes' were so funny because they were so - well, unfunny!!!

All Fool's Day is based on an old tradition which in this country stops at twelve midday.  A day when practical JOKES can be played on others but only in the morning!!!

I remember the discussions on allocating a day to be 'International Day of Tatting' and when the first of April was put forward I inwardly cringed as I thought it would make our craft look 'foolish' too.  

Well it happened and it was the day chosen and I still think it's an 'odd' day to celebrate our craft which I don't think is foolish.  So I sit here at home and tat (as I do nearly every day of the year) but wouldn't dream of taking it out with me as I don't want people to associate All Fools Day with either the craft or (less importantly) ME being foolish!!!

OK, I know I'm a fool but a harmless one, usually!!


Pigmini said...

It's my Daughter and my Son in Law's birthday today!! Married to each other so they don't forget birthdays...

And... they say... there's no fool like an 'old' fool.... VBG

Unknown said...

As always, you made me laugh, Jane! LOL

Madtatter80 said...

I agree, It is kind of weird that "they" picked today and that's brings up a question. To make an international holiday is this brought up before the United Nations and then approved and a memo sent out to all countries :) ?

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I have also wondered how the day got chosen as Tatting Day! It's also interesting how the April Fool custom itself got started. I'm glad I wasn't a teacher! Things were fairly calm at the office! April 1 is a reminder that the Maple Syrup Festival event is coming up (Apr 5-6) , and our group (the three of us) gets a chance to show off our tatting skills to a large number of visitors, so we get to 'tat in public' without looking too foolish!

Tally Tatty said...

Your search engine works well. Fantastic and thanks. makes things a lot easier.

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