11 August 2014

Back to baubling - AGAIN!!

Here I am back on the same theme once more!!! Back to the Houtz book and having fun, fun, fun!!!

I made this pair directly on to the split ring finding - that's the one closest to the top of the bauble. 

Once finished I realised it needed a bit more depth so I covered that finding with tatting and then added another split ring halfway round. Really pleased with it too.

The other thing I did differently was the string of beads at the bottom. I put beads onto the ribs and then - well, perhaps I ought to make a page about this as it's certainly 'new to me'!!!!!


Maureen said...

Wow!! - you'll need sunglasses to go with these!

Jane McLellan said...

They look like pom poms. Bright and cheery.

Pigmini said...

Loves the colour Miss!! More colourful than the ones I've done!!

I'se is saving up me pennies for that book!!! Dropping them in a tin I'se is!!

Phyllis said...

With those colors, they will go with anything you wear. Looks like I will need to get this book when I am at Tat Days so I can join the fun (after Randy's bauble class of course).

Crazy Mom! said...

These are great fun!

Tally Tatty said...

Yeah, they look really nice!

www.somewhereinstitches.blogspot.com said...

very nice earrings...I need to work on my tatting ,,,,I love them

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