26 November 2021

Finished square

I finished the square for the Lifeways project.  This is depicting the Midsummer parties we have there each year.  

Each of the family is now stitched down along with the bunting.  In the bottom left corner is a squirrel and at the bottom right are two little hedgehogs - they all live in the garden.

One of the joys of sitting in the garden in the summer is the sight of the swifts (top right) zooming across to access the loft spaces in the houses along the road.  Sadly we don't get them but I love to hear them screeching as they head at full speed towards their nests.

In the evening the bats come out to feed over the garden (top left) and they're a joy to watch too.  I wanted to put in more but when I did it started to look too cluttered.  Knowing when to stop is always difficult!  With me it's usually knowing when to stop talking!!!


Jane McLellan said...

That’s wonderful! Love that all the elements have significance, they’re not just random.

God's Kid said...

Great! :)

Ninetta said...

So sweet!

Pigmini said...

Don't forget pics of all of them together!!!

Jane Eborall said...

No worries, Sue. I'll certainly do that!

Alexandrite Woman said...

OMG, Jane, this is adorable. I love all of it, but especially the figures and the bat and swifter and the story. You are so creative!

Jane Eborall said...

Awww, thanks, Alexandrite Woman. I’ve done another square since which I’ll blog sometime soon. Still got one more thing to do to this new square.

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