30 April 2018

4 little teapots

Now I'm NOT going to tell you why I've made these but I will say that they're part of a larger project. All will be revealed in due course but due course isn't any time soon!!! Tat's all I'm saying!!!

These little darlings are from Martha's teapot book which I love. I slightly changed two of them (the ones on the left) by adding beads - like you do!!!! They're a joy to work as are all Martha's patterns.

Bet you want to know where to get the book from? Shall I tell you or should I let you ask Mr Google? 

Ah, better tell you as Mr Google likes to have a snooze from time to time. You can get it from Tatting Corner, or Handy Hands, in America but I can't yet find it in the UK. I'm sure if you asked Martha directly (email me for her address) then she'd help you out.

26 April 2018

Then they were done!!!

Seven!!! Now I THINK I could have enough for another round but I'll admit now to being totally fed up with the colour!!! Seemed like a good idea at the time!!! I just may start another in white as I've plenty of that in size 40. 

I was very proud of myself the other day. I saw a splendid 'lot' on Ebay with several balls of size 40 in white. It was a reasonable price too even with postage. I kept going back to look at it for several hours and then decided I ought to go and check my own stash before buying it!! I'm glad I did - I've got two or three balls of white 40!!! So, having established that I may just start another much larger version of the Dora Young doily like this one. Who knows!!!!

24 April 2018


I'm afraid it's not a very good picture but it's a possum from the Houtz book. 

I've never seen a live possum - only a dead one on a road when I was staying with Sandra in Atlanta. We don't get them here in the UK. I think they look kind of cute but I know Americans don't seem to like them!!!

23 April 2018

A new design - I think!!!!

Well I was looking for it yesterday as I wanted to show you a new idea derived from it. I did a search on my site and it wasn't there!!! Now I must've deleted it somehow in one of my very senior moments so I've now put it back!!! Here's the link. 

As soon as I'd finished the Passion Flower motif I thought of another idea - BUT it sat at the side of me in Tat Corner for a year or more until I put it out of sight!!! Recently I thought about it again when I found it lurking in a corner of the tatting cupboard. Out it came and off went BC3 on another of his ideas!!!! 

The one shown below is OK but not quite right so I'll be experimenting more!!!

20 April 2018

On a roll!!

Yes, already further progress with the Dora Young pattern (page 22) so I'm just showing you quickly how far I've got.

I get to this point in a project when I don't honestly want it to end.  Problem is - I worry about how much thread I've got and how long it will last!!!  

You'd think that by now I'd be able to judge this but I still worry.  Well, worry isn't strictly true - I sort of keep thinking about it but just continue.  

19 April 2018

An exchange

This year I decided (after some subtle 'suggestions') from Ruth to join in with the Fringe Exchange. 

The theme was 'bling' so (of course) I hit the beads big time!!!

Now the trouble with joining an exchange is (for me) not feeling I've done enough or given enough so I pulled all the stops out. 

I must admit (don't tell anybody, please) I did make some of my favourite patterns which were the bracelet, the earrings to match and this pendant too.  I also had a lovely matching (sort of) tatting bag left so that simply 'had' to go in just because it matched!!! Couldn't resist a fridge magnet of our local celebrity either!!! A few beads and buttons happened to come into my view too. I know the recipient was happy and that made me happy too.

Guess what?  I've signed up for the next exchange too.  I'm waiting to see who I have to send to before I decide what to do for him/her.

18 April 2018

A larger poodle!!!

Do you remember the 'poodle doodle' that I did for Lina? Well we decided that she needed a larger poodle to either add as a motif to a garment or to make into a pendant. 

This took some doing as you can see from the second picture!!!! In fact there were a few other 'bits' that got binned before they got to the scanner!!!

The pattern is now available here in the animals section on the pattern site.

17 April 2018

Another motif

Well I've added another motif to the Dora Young pattern so am committed now to carrying on. 

Why am I committed? Well I really now want to see how all the twirls end up!!!! 

This book (as I mentioned yesterday) is available from Tatting and Design here in the UK. When I think how desperate I was to get a copy just two years ago it's lovely to have it 'at hand' now. Dora really was a 'mover and shaker' in her day and even if the book MAY seem expensive there's a LOT in it to keep a tatter happy. 

The pictures aren't 'that' inspiring in the book (well the original book was published a long time ago) but if you search my blog posts from around this time last year you can see how most of them work up in 'modern' colours. 

Also there are some help notes too which are on a 'page' at the top of this blog. I'm here too if anybody needs extra help.

16 April 2018

A day out

Now I'm not an intrepid traveller although I don't find hopping on planes a huge problem but I DO get very nervous about going places in the car (and bus and train). So, when I was told about the Gloucester tatting day I decided that I'd go. This is the third time but each time I get very nervous about driving there. I don't mind if I'm on my own but the whole thing is a 'big deal' for me. BUT I'm learning to trust satnav now and I'm getting better at it.

So an hour and a quarter after setting out I arrived at the venue. It's always a very relaxed day with a vendor with lots of goodies. I sat opposite Margaret who entertained us with stories of her doing a zip wire trip for her 80th birthday. 

To my delight Rosemarie Peel was there too.  I hadn't seen her for many many years so we had a lot to catch up on!!! With her permission I've added a photo of her below. We spoke about my addiction to her pattern (Rachel) which I've made so many times and she said she'd got a few copies left of the book so if you want more information please do email me and I'll pass you on to her. Rachel is on the third picture down (the cover of the book is the second picture or this link).  Oh there are lots of other designs in there that are great too - it's just that I love Rachel best.

Talking to Barbara who was the vendor (Tatting and Design) she said she'd got stocks of the Dora Young book (All New Knotless Tatting) available but it isn't on her web site which she's still getting sorted out. I was tempted (and gave in) to buy a ball of the Liz metallic and another cotton one which is the Lizbeth Maple Butter and this was after me telling BC3 FIRMLY that we didn't need anymore threads!!!

There was also another lovely lass there called Michelle who wanted to learn to shuttle tat. She quickly got the hang of it after having struggled with needle tatting and finding it wasn't what she wanted to do as her gran had done shuttle tatting and needle didn't give her the results she wanted.  I'm just hoping she carries on with it and that I'll see her again in September at the next meeting.  I enjoyed her company too.

Freely available all day was tea, coffee and CAKE!!!!  

A big, huge, humungous thank you must go to Linda Williams who organised the whole day.  Not many people get me 'out and about' in my car but Linda does and I hope to be there in September too.  So, all you folk who live in or near Gloucester here in the UK, please think about joining us in September.

14 April 2018

Welcome to a new member

Of the Exclusive Tatting Club!!!!

Let me introduce you to Sherry's mouse. She was lucky enough to have a lesson with Randy Houtz at the Finger Lakes Tatting Group last weekend and this is the result. 

This is what Sherry says:
"My mouse and kitty picture reminds me of the needlework Mary Queen of Scots did called "Catte". This picture here is a picture of the needlework while Mary was held captive circa 1570. "Catte" can be seen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh."

13 April 2018


Well BC3 fails again!!!  He forgot to add the poodle doodle to the doodle page on the web site.  Not only THAT but he forgot to add it to Pinterest too.  I'm seriously thinking of giving him the sack!!!!!!   So I've taken matters into my own hands and have added them myself!!!

After the mouse invasion I simply HAD to make a hedgehog. 

Again this is from Randy and Gary's book which can be found here.

I found exactly the right thread (Lizbeth variegated) to make this little critter. He's now joined the mice and caterpillars in a box but not 'quite' in the cupboard. Nick wants me to put them all in a line chasing each other on top of the television but I want to make one more of another variety before I put them out as dust catchers!!!

12 April 2018

Three motifs joined.

Now the 'improved' (or rather, original way Dora intended) joining method is looking a whole lot better. 

I've added my interpretation of Dora's joins to the top of the blog post in her 'section'. I just hope that they are understandable and would (as usual) appreciate any feedback either good (if any!!) or bad (as expected!!).

11 April 2018

A poodle doodle

Now for another doodle!!! This time it was a request by another tatter who wanted a little poodle - maybe for earrings.

The smaller the design the harder it is to get it to look as if it's what it's supposed to be - if you follow!!! This little guy (or gal, of course) took quite a few attempts but I had wonderful feedback from Lina. 

I've added this to the doodle page and it can be found here.

10 April 2018

More Leftovers

So this is what happened to the leftover leftovers!!!

The top picture is what I now have left after using the leftover leftovers. It's around 2" by 4" so I doubt that even BC3 could make anything out of that!!!

I've made two poke proof pouches!! Do you remember when I made them before with the magic (but secret) part which stops the hooks poking through? No? Well here's the link.

So now I'm fully equipped to go travelling again with my tatting. Where shall I go to? I have a venue in mind!!!

9 April 2018


Do you remember this post? Well I had some fabric leftover so I decided to make a pouch for carrying projects around in.

I often have a smaller project that doesn't need a whole tote bag so decided that this would be a 'good idea'. I've used wadding/batting inside and it's fully lined too.

BUT I still have a strip left of around a metre by four inches!!! Another idea is brewing so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

I'm also pleased to report that BC3 managed to remember to put the tankard link on my Pinterest board too!!!  Result!!!!

6 April 2018

Then there were two!

Well the first join is done and I think this time I've really 'got it'!!!! If you look back at this post you'll see that it's a lot bulkier and sort of detracts from the flow of the design.  A non tatter probably wouldn't notice but an old age tatter like me does!!!!

I will get a pdf file put up with the 'translation' of this join in my Dora Young notes when I get roundtoit!!!!  I need to be sure I've got it right first so will try it on a few more motif joins.

5 April 2018

Anybody want to join me?

For a pint?

I'd completely forgotten I'd done this little pattern until somebody reminded me last week!!! This was an 'emergency' design done for Georgia and Palmetto Tatters last year.

Somebody ought to sit down and go through my computer and find all the 'not quite finished' patterns on there!!! Oh, maybe I should do it!!!! I know there are several more somewhere so be prepared for a few more pages over the next week or two as I carry on hunting!!!

Anyway, here's the pattern which I've put on the doodles page. You won't get a hangover if you make it - I promise!!!! Even if you don't ever drink you can make it without fear of addiction. 

Actually, are there people 'out there' who don't drink?!?!?!?

4 April 2018

Back to Dora now!!!

More new mermaids arrived yesterday - please say 'hello' to them!!!

As my regular readers are aware I've spent a lot of time working through most of Dora Young's book (All New Knotless Tatting) which Heidi has so wonderfully got re-printed. Copies can be bought from here.

As you know from this post I first met Dora (well, her book) when I was in South Carolina. I did complete seven of the motifs as in that link but was never 'quite' happy with the joins between them. So I've decided to see if I can master them better by having another 'go'.

This time I'm using a size 40 thread. The beauty of this motif is that it's only one ring and then you can work constantly off the ball thread. I must work out how much thread I need to add to the shuttle for each motif but as I never use knots to join there's really not a lot of point for me personally!!!! I don't use the magic thread trick either - before you ask!!!!

3 April 2018

Jane K's mouse

Before I start my post today may I suggest you take a trip over to the Tat It And See blog here as I've two more mermaids who want to meet you.

Now you've heard me talk about Jane K and her teardrop beads - well, here's a fantastic idea she's got for using a mouse as a scissor finder!!!! 

This mouse has just the two front legs - he'd be far too long if she'd made the whole mouse. Jane says she's put a bead inside him too just to add a bit of weight. Isn't this a fantastic idea? Here's what Jane says and I'm looking forward to seeing her dragonfly too. Maybe I should put that on my 'to do' list as well?

"Hi Jane E
I saw your beautiful white mouse with the wonderful red eyes.
This is my last mouse. He has only 2 feet, but he has an extra long tail with a ring to attach to my scissors. I find doing the mice relaxing to do but now I'm working on the Houtz dragonfly. Also fun but not yet relaxing 😂
Jane K"

2 April 2018

Another caterpillar

Having enjoyed the other caterpillar which is here - I wanted to make another!!! 

This time I decided to make it slightly differently. Just because!!!! I think it's the eyes that get me so interested. All down to Jane K giving me some teardrop beads when I was in Canada.  I'll never be able to thank  her enough as they've got me back into the bauble making phase yet again!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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