3 August 2008

These are my choices!!!

The first three are the bags I really, really love at the moment.  I keep dithering about which set to keep.  Anybody else want to help me choose?!?!?

The paisley and black print ones are waiting to be listed too.  I love those too.  

Once I've made up my mind which I want to keep then I'll list the others.  Although I've got two of each sort I still need to make up my mind.  I'm such a full time ditherer!!!! Isn't life hard at times?



Bonnie said...

Well Jane I'm not much help for you, but I can help you pick one for me, the butterfly one has my name written on it..... no really it does, I see it right there .. :-)

AngelSan said...

personally my favourite is the 3rd one, little roses on beige...

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the turquoise blue at the top right! If you don't choose that one, let me know... I'll click on over to Etsy and order it for myself!

Martha said...

I vote for the blue paisley at the bottom, with the beige floral in second place.

Tatman said...

The blue paisly print is very pretty. Plus it would go with your other denim outfits. But the very BRIGHT colored butterfly and flower print is sooooo YOU!!! Yes you are very bright and colorful too HAH

Not sure I was any help ;)


Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, folks!!! That was a lot of help. I've decided to keep a bright butterfly one and the beige floral one with the pink zip. I still have one more of each of those to list so keep your eyes open if you're interested!!!

Tatskool said...

That's way too difficult a choice you should keep one of each!!!
but DEFINATELY the turquoise one.

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