23 September 2009

Something wonderful happened when I got to Tat Days.

You can imagine the preparation it takes to pack to leave home for six weeks.  Not only to spend time at the original destination but also to take 'side trips' to two others too!!!

Thus I arrived in the USA having left the most important thing behind.  No, not Nick, the passports or the presents but - brain cell number 3.

How on earth I did that beggars belief but I did!!!  I managed for the first few weeks but as Tat Days approached I began to get REALLY nervous and worried.  My life was passing by around me - rather like when you're drowning!!!

However, all was put right when Martha approached me on the Thursday evening with - yes, you've guessed - a brain cell.  Not ANY old brain cell but the MISSING one.   Thanks, Martha.  I'd never have got through tat days without him.


battatter said...

Ah! leave it to Martha! that is soo cute! I am glad you finally have your brain cell!!

Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHA! This post made my day!

Sally Kerson said...

Make sure you keep this one safe!!!! he he

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Carol, without Martha tat days would've been a disaster!!!
Glad it gave you a giggle, Steph!!
Yes, lil sis, I'll keep this one VERY safe!!!

Ridgewoman said...

FINALLY, I can see brain cell #3. I love the bead synapse! Martha, such a clever person; love the 'bonkers' post. XX P

Tatman said...

Do we really know if brain cells are him or her?? This one appears to have both an X and Y chromosome. I guess it depends on what combination Martha gave you :-D

All that aside......Glad you got your brain back!!!

Maureen said...

If you keep it in a pretty box, you will never lose it again! I used to keep my wits in a glass jar in the kitchen, so that they were always "about'.

Fox said...

Very clever! LOL! Fox : ))

IsDihara said...

*big.grins* What a delight to see brain cell #3!

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