14 October 2009

Advertising on my blog

One thing I think I'm allowed to do is advertise on my blog.  Not that I want to or feel the need do it much!!!  I only support things I believe in and this is one of those things.  This is my own Jane Eborall advert so 'sit tight' and enjoy the ride!!!

As we all know - needle tatting is SUPPOSED to be easier to learn than the traditional shuttle.  This was probably true in the 'dark ages' but not now.  I'll explain the thoughts of brain cell # 3.

Do you remember the 'dark ages'?  Those were the days when all us OG's like me sat in our homes and shuttle tatted (because the needle hadn't been invented) on our own and in total isolation?  My own 'dark ages' started in 1956.  Just had a had a thought.  We weren't OG's in those days - just training to be.  Sorry, I digress as usual!!!

We were able to buy the odd and rare magazine with patterns in but not a lot else.  No coloured threads, no contact with others (well, I did have my gran but she was a learner too) and never a bead entered the equation.

Then along came the Ring of Tatters (here in the UK) and twice a year a Newsletter popped through the door - with patterns and gossip.  This was started some years ago now - nearly 30, I think.

Then roughly fifteen to seventeen years ago the light was switched on!!!  Finally the internet arrived.  Now ANYBODY can easily learn to shuttle tat.  It's not rocket science but it IS easier when you can actually SEE it being done slowly and carefully.  So the Ring of Tatters took the opportunity recently to make their own DVD which anybody with a computer (and I know that you, dear reader, has one or you wouldn't be reading this ramble!) can now learn to SHUTTLE tat the traditional way.

There, that wasn't such a bad advert, was it?  Least there was no irritating music!!!!  

I also have a link on my home page to this page too.  You won't escape!!!!


Marty said...

Thanks, Jane! Hooray for shuttles!

Anonymous said...

The Ring of Tatters has members all over the world, Jane, membership isn't for UK citizens only.
Thanks for the advert for our DVD by the way.

Ridgewoman said...

Shuttle tatters unite! LOL I admit I am quite biased on this particular subject.
The needle tatting i've seen is floppy and loose and does not look like lace. I suppose there are exceptions, but I haven't seen them.

Someone (not a tatter) the other day described tatting as a combination of knitting and crochet. AGHHHHH No, emphatically no; as knitting and crochet are formed by 'LOOPS" while shuttle tatting is composed of knots that slide. Big difference that I hastened to explain to my misguided relative.

I love the Ring of Tatters and encourage all who want to improve and enjoy their shuttles to join! They have a good record of teaching others and spreading tatting and it's many uses throughout the world through their publication ~ which is gorgeous BTW! Well worth the price of admission.

Good for you mate, to advertise the original method of tatting ~ with a shuttle!

Another old git from across the pond. X P

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