12 October 2009

From a fairy to a snowman in one easy step!!!

On Saturday I had the following email from Geraldine:-

"What wonderful animals the palmetto tatters come up with. Glad you enjoyed yourself and told us all about it.
This little chap I came up with by using your 3D flower fairy pattern. It was for Charnwood tatters open day back in September.
A hanging Christmas tree decoration was the competition. Yes I WON with him. Hope you like him."
Now this is what I think should be happening in tat land.   Geraldine took my pattern (courtesy of brain cell # 3 - may he live forever) and used parts of that pattern to come up with something really novel.  What is so pleasing is that not only did she acknowledge her source but she also shared it with all of us.  
I don't think I ought to say this but I think he's going to melt soon!!!!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

OOOOHHHHH he is just charming!! Geraldine did a fantastic job with the fairy pattern changing it a bit and coming up with such a delightful little snowman!!! I just love it. Thank you for showing us her snowman!!!

Sharon D. said...

He wouldn't melt in Iowa this week it is only in the 30 here, and this is suppose to be fall. I love her snowman.

JB said...

Geraldine's snowman is so adorable. It would definitely melt here in Alabama--it is hot and rainy!

battatter said...

what a cutie patootie! Grrrrrrrreat!

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