17 October 2009

Listing on Ebay

Well today I'm listing a surplus book on ebay.

Why am I telling you?  It's because it's a tatting book.  It's a rare ish one of Elgiva Nicholls.

I have my own copy which I bought off Elgiva in 1976 when I was lucky enough to meet her at the Lambeth Town and Country Fair in London.  She was showing work from this book too.

My copy (which she signed for me) cost me a whole round pound which was quite a lot of money for me in those days as my kids were young and we were not well off.

The book I'm selling is another one that I bought quite recently.  Goodness knows why I bought it - I got carried away at an auction.  Typical me!!!

The book itself is in an excellent condition although the cover has come off - the  front and back are still attached to each other!!!

If it sells then all monies will go towards more thread and beads!!!!!  Well, what else would I do with it?????  Buy food???  No, thread and beads are more important!!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Good luck with the book - and hope you are able to buy lots more threads and beads.

Gina said...

I love the outside of it!

IsDihara said...

Great book-buying opportunity. But you didn't mention what types of patterns and/or instructions are inside?

Care to tempt us even more with a brief synopsis?

Maureen said...

It took me years to track down a copy of this book; and when, finally and unbleivably I was the only bidder on a reasonable copy on ebay, I was so excited! - at the same time I felt almost bereft, because hunting for it had become a long-term project. "Be careful what you wish for...." I don't need another copy, and the only other person I know who accomapnied me on this search, has recently bought one too - but I hope it goes to a very good home!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fabulous book! Sure wish tatting was in the budget right now. Like Maureen, I hope it goes to a very good home!

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