15 October 2009

A blue ribbon

Well I got a blue ribbon - by proxy!!!!!!!!

Not really but I am sort of slightly involved!!  I got a message from Pam Esbjerg who, by the way, was my teacher's assistant at tat days.  She entered the Lacewing Shuttlebug she'd made in the State Fair.  Here's what she said-

"Good News – I am so excited.  Your bug from Tat Days that I tatted won a blue ribbon in the SC State Fair – am sending a picture, although he looks much better after Bonnie blocked him and fixed his antennae – I left them long and she put a knot in the end and made them shorter.  When I get him back, I will send you a better picture.  I love the design – Thanks so much!!!"

Pam also won a blue for a necklace she designed and made. Here it is.  Boy is this a stunning design.


Ridgewoman said...

oooooh proxy blue! Good for the tatter and designer! I am beginning my morning, as usual, visiting the blogs I follow; and, commenting where appropriate.
That bug is sooooo cute and I agree her necklace is really something else!
See, sharing your designs and being so generous gives great returns. Better than grasping one's designs, always wanting credit or to give permission ~ different type of personality. I'm glad you are YOU.
BOUNTIFUL LADY JANE (no retorts about the use of "lady" lOL )

Sally Kerson said...

LADY JANE, JANIE LOU..........well done by proxy, lovely design. The necklaces is also beautiful, she is a clever lady Pam and of course so are you big sister!!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Do I see a whole bunch of clunies on the necklace or is my poor old eyes deceiving me? Wow if they are all clunies. They look pretty good to me.

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