20 October 2009

Earrings # 2

Another pair of the earwigs.  I'm so pleased with the colours of these.

Very 'me' being bright and cheerful.  I wore them yesterday to cheer up a dull Monday morning.

Why is it that although I retired some years ago that Monday always has a dreary feel to it?

Thank goodness it's Tuesday and we're already heading towards the weekend.

Silly woman - why does the weekend make any difference?  We do nothing at all like most of the rest of the week.

Stop rambling, Jane.  Get on with life!!!


Maureen said...

When I was a student, one of my lecturers said something that has stayed with me ever since: he said that we should try to find work and a way of life which meant that every single day was intrinsically valuable. Otherwise you waste so much of your time wishing away the hours between Monday and Friday afternoon! He said you had to look forward to getting out of bed every morning.
That was over 40 years ago, and my children have grown up listening to his advice, even though he is probably long gone by this time.Another few years and it will be time to start passing it on to my grandchildren.
As you know, I don't wear earrings! - but I do love orange!

IsDihara said...

Such lovely earrings! And it sounds incredibly relaxing to do nothing at all most days...weekend or no!

Unknown said...

Jane, are "earwigs" something that our friends across the pond call earrings? I always wonder why you talk about scary insects, LOL! The design is very nice!

Jane Eborall said...

No, TattingChic - it's what daft old critters like ME call them!!!!

Gina said...

I must have punkins on the brain because I think they look like cute little pumpkins!

Martha said...

I see pumpkins too.

Sally Kerson said...

Punkins!!! Or Pumpkins - Are you a Punk Jane?!!!!

Ridgewoman said...

Nope, looked right side up, up side down; and, I don't see any
punkins', pumpkins'. But then I always swim against the tide!
They are very cute and Autumn though, reminds me of my 'sunshine' socks I loved (that mom hated) that were bright autumn colors. I always felt good when I wore them and would walk around singing, "On the Sunny Side of the Street" LOL
Gotta love punkin' head! X P

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Jane -

Really cute earrings! I see you used a double jump ring. Are those easy to work with? They seem more secure than a single jump ring.

I thought I was the only one with that 'Monday' issue! I still have problems with Mondays, and I stopped working many years before retirement age, although I had to be in sync with my husband's work schedule until he retired
last year. Fridays sometimes make me anxious because I feel I must get to the stores before the weekend shoppers descend, as I really hate the traffic jams! But I am so glad to be free of working schedules, although housework, of course, is never done!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Kathy. I never use single jump rings for the sole reason that things 'jumped off'!!! I use these rings which (I believe) are called split rings. Confusing when writing down a pattern which needs both sorts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

I love your apple and carrot coloured earrings! I think they would also
look good in red and green, ready for Christmas.


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