21 October 2009

Live (and 'dead') TIAS fun

Well for those of you who weren't at the Palmetto tat days I'm going to mention the live TIAS.

This was new territory for both myself and the Palmetto 'gals'.  We went to places 'no man has gone before' with this.  It took lots of discussions on the 'how do we organise this' lines and eventually we came up with the idea of putting part 1 in the student's folders and getting them to sign a declaration in blood (well, actually a red pen!!) that they wouldn't show or discuss their progress with others!!!  IF they did (and nobody was actually caught!) then they had to forfeit all their tatting stuff before leaving the site!!!!

Thanks must go to Joanie and the team for not only nudging my aged brain to make decisions but also for the fantastic way the whole daft idea worked.

Now, for those who weren't there.  Don't fret.  You can still do the TIAS in the privacy of your own home and in your own time.  How?  Well the pattern is on the Palmetto CD.  Donna has put it on the CD in 'parts' just as it was given out 'live'.  What better way to tackle a TIAS than in your own time, eh?

Also on the CD are all the other patterns which the teachers taught.  Here's where you can see them.  Don't just drooooool, take a few dollars out of your piggy bank and order  a CD!!!!  You'll never regret it, promise.

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