23 October 2009

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!

What happened to my resolve to change my ways?

I seem to have got myself into the same old state as usual.

I was determined that I would work on just one project at a time.  So once back from our trip I decided that the most important thing to do was to decide on my Christmas giveaway design.  Not easy because it has to be something that isn't 3D and which is not too time consuming to make.  So, brain cell # 3 was commisioned to start on this task.

Well, half way through I remembered the earrings.

A few days later I decided to start on another pattern I'd been meaning to do for two years.

Then, on top of this I realised that a design I'd been working on before the trip really needed to be 'progressed'.

YIKES - what's wrong with me??  Are the men in white coats about to visit - again?


Fox said...

Oh goody, you are going to visit my wee, padded room!
Fox :))

Jon Yusoff said...

If this makes you think that something is wrong, then I am in trouble too, :))

Have not seen the men in white coats pass this way, so I guess I am still okay, for now.

Unknown said...

Ha ha! I hate it when I do that....biting off more than you can chew again, dear Jane?

Gina said...

All it means is that the Christmas giveaway idea isn't ready to hatch and in the meantime, others are. You've got P-L-E-N-T-Y of time, right? LOL!

Auntie Char said...

did Michaelangelo do only one thing at a time? I highly doubt it!!!! between writing, carving, AND painting...what did his studio look like?

Ridgewoman said...

"Hooray, Hooray; I'm going away, with the men in the little white coats."
I'm all dressed up in my Easter Bonnet ~ Little bird cage with a white bow on it, Hooray, Hooray!" This song going through my head from an earlier era. lOL Think of the 'distractions' as your 'warm up' pieces for Christmas. XXX P

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