24 October 2009

Yet MORE oh dears!!!!

After reading Gina's post on the tatting goddess blog (Thursday's post) I thought about the plethora of utter nonsense I talk but then decided that as I'm only talking to myself then that's OK!!!!  Now Gina talks sense and her blog is well worth reading.  So, I must ask why are YOU reading this instead of hers?  OR, are you reading both and making comparisons?!?!?!

Anyway, I'm afraid that I might not be blogging much for the next week or so as I've had a baby. Yup, a new baby - at the ripe old age of 66. 

Imeant to have this baby two/three years ago but I chickened out and put back the birth.  It arrived yesterday.  Straightforward birth - ordered online 24 hours earlier, sight unseen but from a good genetic background.  Trouble is that because of the new baby I have to do a lot of work. I have to learn new stuff but so far there have been very few teething problems - mainly due to the (very green with jealousy) male partner who already has experience of this 'breed'. Oh - a new brain cell has been brought into play - temporarily - brain cell number 4!!!!  Bet he won't stick around for long, though!!!

So?  Are you wondering if I really have lost the plot? Probably.  I'll explain.  It's simple, really.  I've bought myself an Apple Imac. The PC was rapidly losing the plot and I was losing my temper with it!!!!  Vista (and/or) the computer wouldn't find any hardware I plugged into it and messed me around BIG TIME on several things.

So far I've managed to transfer quite a few files and stuff but now have to find a new drawing programme.  I've got most things 'sort' of sorted but it's on with the game and thus there won't be much going on with showing much tatting.

Having said that I will be tatting in the evenings but may not be able to put a web page together until I've worked out 'how to' do (a) pdf's and (b) html pages without sharepoint designer.  So, any advice would be very welcome on appropriate software - preferably free!!!  I can probably 'do' the pdf's already - just haven't got 'roundtuit'!!!!

So, tat's all from me today.  Please don't leave planet Jane - I'm just temporarily 'out of sync'!!!


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Jane! You are an amazing woman! Becoming a mother at your age! Has the media heard of this yet!?? ;)
I'm sure Mac will bring you many years of joy and happiness! I can't wait to see what kind of goodies you bring to us from that baby!
I don't know of any free programs available. Hopefully another commenter will have lead for you.
(Does this mean I have a new cousin??? Aunty Jane???)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I read both your blogs because I like them both, and tat's tat! ; ) Congrats on your new computer. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine! I use PCs at school and Mac at home. Once you get used to the different terms (there aren't that many), I think you'll find it to be a fairly smooth changeover. I've used every Apple computer that's come down the pike since the Apple IIc, compliments of the many Mac users in my family. Have fun!

Fox said...

Baby envy from across the pond, despite any labour pains involved...

Fox Lusting For Apple : ))

sewmuchfun4 said...

Congratulations on your bouncing baby Mac (actually, you probably shouldn't REALLY be bouncing it)! I've always used Macs, but know from a PC friend who was recently assimilated that it will take you some getting used to, but then you will LOVE it!
:) Ann

Valerie said...

congrats on getting a baby--apple imac! it's one that i've been dreaming of but hubby won't let me. it's not difficult to transit from PC to mac. all the best and see you soon.

Ridgewoman said...

I, too have cousin MacBook; and, we are getting acquainted ~ so I do understand. Just work through the tutorials (would that real babies would have come with instructions. There's also a helpful FREE AP for your IPOD (fount it yet?) that has all the 'how to' which helps when working with your mac. I, too, am searching for a free drawing program; if I find one, I will let you know. I did figure out the pdf. now I need to figure out how to drag a photo to the pdf created. Baby steps.
I read all the blogs I follow at least every other day. Yours is incomparably unique and wonderfully bonkers (at times), and informing (all of the time). XX P

Sally Kerson said...

I hope you and Mac will have a long and happy life together. A big learning curve but I'm sure with your intelligence (sadly it doesn't run in the family) you will get there!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I betcha Mark Myers can help you out alot. He is always going on about his MAC computer...It is so superior you know...but...I like my PC just fine. Of coarse I never did get the Vista for Windows. I have Windows XP Professional. I know someday I will have to up grade...but I am hanging on to my Windows XP for as long as I can...now for my yahoo mailbox...I am not too sure about that for each time they change something there....it is not for the better.
Oh one more thing...I bet it hurt like HELL...when you pushed that MAC out....hehe

IsDihara said...

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I will most certainly wait patiently (all newborns come with a short quarantine period) until you are accepting "visitors" once again. Can't wait to see the baby! Do share photos.

Tatman said...

MACs RULE, PCs DROOL!!!!! You go girl!!!

Just remember that I am always here for you if you need help in anything Mac, PDF, HTML and all that. :-D


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