1 March 2010

A birthday card!

First of all may I start by saying I HATE making cards!!!  There, that's better!!!  

I hate the thought that they're looked at for a very short time (a few days to a week) then put away or thrown away.  I'm not mean or anything - I just don't see spending hours and hours making something that's really got no other purpose. 

Also, and probably because of the previous paragraph, - I am useless at making them too.  

Occasionally I feel that I have to do something for a particular occasion and the card below was made for my youngest (dare I admit YOUNGEST) daughter's birthday.  She and her DH had a frog themed wedding some years ago and this is the reason for the frog.

I did enjoy making this one as it was for somebody very special and wasn't 'fussy'.  Cor, I do hate fussy cards too.  

Simple, amusing and straight to the point - tat's me!!!  Actually I think that applies to me in all aspects!!!


Singtatter said...

This is so cute, simple yet so personal touch to it. I'm sure your daughter will love it, and will not throw it away!

geraldine said...

just finnished makeing two birthday cards useing your millie millipede,carrrter carrrterpillar and dolpin. make two broches and a magnet as i'm with you on them on show then the bin

TAT19540 said...

Another frog fan and such a cute card! Maybe your daughter will put it in a scrape book page. Love the your use of the 'sugar maple' hdt thread!

Ridgewoman said...

Is anyone else being driven bonkers by trying to leave a comment or is it just my privilege? aghhhh

The card is VERY Jane and meets a designer's first criteria.
K I S S (keep it simple, sister) LOL From one with so many protestations of card making; you did well.

I feel the same way though, my cousin makes beautiful cards for me and I feel such an burden to preserve them that they have their own box. I don't scrapbook, either. Some day, a daughter will look hastily through the cards and say, "Wonder why Mom rat-holed these aawy" and in the bin they'll go.

Unknown said...

It may not be "fussy", but it is special. What a lovely thought! The recipient of that card is very lucky! :)
~TattingChic ♥

Fox said...

Ribbiting! And cute!
Fox : )

Maureen said...

You are a Good Mother! - congratulations to both of you on the significant birthday! The card is sweet!
But I am wondering how the bride was dressed for her wedding day?

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Awww it's such a cute card!! I don't think she will throw this away!! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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