6 January 2011

Chicken wings

Remember Norman and his family from last year's TIAS who was followed (thanks to some prompting) by the chicken wing coaster?  Well I had a message last week from Geraldine.  

Now what surprises me is that with all this prompting and help I've suddenly realised I must've designed my first ever doily!!!!!!   I think I've been put off doilies for several reasons - firstly because there was little else to tat when I was a kid and secondly because I live in a house where doilies would be pointless!!!  Why?  Because of our clutter!!!!  So, this is what Geraldine had to say and what she's made.

"Just thought I'd show you what I have done with your chicken wings pattern, I had a thought (husband says these thoughts give him a headache) I wanted to see if it would work as you see it did. The one on the left I used braiding thread and on the right Altin Basak 50. I took just the top of chicken leg and added one double stitch to each of the side rings other wise no changes."
I'm gobsmacked.  Personally and between you and me there's only one word for what she's done - stunning.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I agree... it is stunning!

Maureen said...

ooh, Jane, do you think Geraldine would agree to be added to your pages as a guest designer? - PLEASE, Geraldine! - I love doilies, and this one is so pretty.
What an amazing pattern Norman turned out to be!

Marty said...

Now I've got another thing to add to my "I have to tat this" list. It's very striking!

Ridgewoman said...

I enjoy the doilies I receive as gifts, but really have no interest in tatting doilies. Yes, I’m doing sheep and it is turning out to be really difficult ~ for just a collecting of edging rounds, topped by sheep. I can’t wait to get to the sheep. They are fun to make...the rest is BORING.
Geraldine’s adaptation is very nice. Who have ‘thunk’ chicken wings would morph into such a lovely pattern?
xxx P

Beelizabeth said...

Let me ad my voice to the chorus-- I really would love to have the pattern for this one!!! I have done several of the chicken wing glass mats and love them, but this one is another wonderful step forward.

tattrldy said...

She did a great job with Norman's wings. You are quite the inspiration, Jane.

Liyarra said...

OH WOW!!! Such a great job.

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