8 January 2011

Hanky edging

First of all I must let you know that 5 Pop A Bobbin Shuttles will be in the shop around midday today (that's GMT).

Well it's finished.  I thought I'd show you how I attach to a hanky (Gina gave me this one in a giveaway and it's a really great quality cotton).  This is not probably the 'right' way but it's what works for me!!!  

Before I start, though, let me tell you that when I do an edging like this I work a few repeats, then a corner and the first side.  After the first side you've then got the number of repeats so the rest is plain sailing!!!

OK attaching the edging.  First of all I make sure both the hanky and the edging are pressed and then I lie them out on the ironing board.  Forget blocking - it should only need pressing!!!!  I rarely ever block anything!!!

I use sewing pins to attach each side of each corner so that they're 'fixed' in place.  Then a pin at the middle of each side is put in.  Notice that these are just inside the hanky.  A few more pins will make sure that it stays while you sew it on.

I use a thread to match the picots of the tatting and then hook into each one and slide the thread through the fabric in between picots.  Job done!!!! 

All that's now needed is for me to check the web page, put in links and upload. 


  1. Thanks for the tips on attaching the edging, I used to attach the tatting to the hanky as I went along, because of being afraid that it would not fit when finished if I didn't. Now half way through this edging so trusting your method will work when I've finished! Love the finished result.

  2. One of my GFs gave me a hanky + I had no idea how to attach tatted edge. thx for the info

  3. Your blue hanky is lovely. That's the same way I attached my edging. Where did you find the blue hanky?
    P.S. Thanks for hosting another TIAS. They are always so much fun.

  4. I have a hard time finding hankies that have a folded edge and not the little holes...I’d much prefer a folded edging because I can hide my rather dubious looking stitching. LOL xxxx P

  5. That hanky looks wonderful! I love the colors!!! :)

  6. Lovely edging.....

  7. Hi Jane,
    Love the edging it looks great on the hankey..thanks for the information
    Joy in OZ

  8. Hi Jane,

    Beautiful edging, I do the attaching the same way too, I dont do blocking either, just a good iron. great minds think alike??
    Have a nice day

  9. Thanks for the pattern and excellent advice on attaching a hanky. I always sew my edgings on and like you said, it can be taken off. I started last night with size 40 and completed 1 motif. Then I hand quilted for an hour.
    Looking forward to TIAS!!!
    Linda in NM

  10. Lovely pattern - can't wait to try it. I sew my edgings on the same way and it works just fine. Thanks for all the helpful hints!

  11. Thanks, Tatteristic. The pattern is here if you want it.

  12. Anonymous12:07 am

    I added rocket so as to add a little bit of a kick.


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