4 May 2017

More about the Clover shuttles

A few days ago I had Tatlyn's blog post appear on my blog roll and started to read what she had to say here. 

After a while I thought I was reading my own blog post back here!!!! I carried on reading when I realised that I'd found a soulmate over the Clover shuttles!!! 

As you know I did add more to my original post a few days later and that can be found here. Well I'm going to add more today as time and using these shuttles has caused BC3 to find more things out about them! 

It occurred to me when I was working with sewing threads (HWT) a few days ago that I wasn't having any problems with the threads occasionally 'catching' on 'nubs' of plastic as I normally do with the Aero/Aerlit shuttles. These 'nubs' are often found on the bobbins. Looking again at the bobbins - the Clover ones are more substantial in feel and very smooth - just like the shuttle itself.

I'm a 'bobbin with a hook' kind of girl and the most 'off putting' thing about the  post Clover was not having a hook but I've quickly adjusted to that and find joining with the lovely fine pick just as easy although trying to join to very small picots still needs a fine 0.4mm crochet hook!

Just read a comment from Kathy on my blog post of the other day and I love her idea of 'rolling' the shuttle to wind or re-wind the bobbin.  Here's her comment
"I never remove the bobbin from the shuttle! I merely tie a slipknot around the bobbin (I use the shuttle itself to do this), and wind the thread onto the bobbin by rolling the bobbin (still inside the shuttle) on a soft but not smooth surface, like the opposite side of a mouse pad (which gives it traction). I also retract my thread when tatting by also rolling the bobbin on the mouse pad. It means that I have to have the mouse pad close by when tatting. At home I always have my tatting box on my lap, and the pad is on top of the box, giving the pad a hard surface to sit on. Rolling the bobbin has helped me prevent carpal tunnel!"


Madtatter80 said...

Excellent point to cover, this is one of the reasons I do not use the bobbin shuttles it is too much hand motion when retracting or winding it hurts. also they sell thin sheets of rubber and one place to find it would be some shelf liner paper this may be a good substitute or exercise bands too.

LibraryLady said...

I feel like such a newbie. I've never seen Clover shuttles with bobbins. Just bought some Aero shuttles to try to acquire a feel and appreciation for bobbin shuttles but they are not the same size as Clovers with posts, which feel right in my hands. Sorry, Aeros. You'll have to stay unused.

Esther J Moehrke said...

I have the new Clover bobbin shuttles. I am having trouble using a bobbin winder, such as the one on my sewing machine, or even a portable winder to wind the bobbins for the Clover shuttle.

Just wondering if anyone has been able to use a winder to wind the bobbins that come with the Clover shuttle?


Jane Eborall said...

That's something I've never thought of, Esther. I always wind mine by hand as it only takes a minute or two. To get the machine out or to walk to the room where it is would take me longer than winding by hand!!!! Wonder if anybody has the answer?

KtP said...

I’ve just bought a clover shuttle and I love it. I’ve previously used an Aero one with built-in hook. I’d like to learn to join with the pick on the Clover one. Can you point me too any good instructions online, please? I thought I was good at googling, but I can’t find anything. Thank you!

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, not sure I can help there, Kate Price. I had to get used to the pick on the Clover and it took a few weeks for me to become comfortable with it. Now I love it. Not a lot of help to you - I'm sorry.

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