3 May 2017

Naming and shaming

When is a core thread NOT a core thread and what is one anyway?

This is a question that I keep asking myself. There's an easy answer when making a chain as the core thread is simply easy to see!!!
I've always wondered what the answer is when it comes to a ring, though. Or a split ring for that matter. What SHOULD we call that core thread which really is also the 'working' thread too? 

This only came to light when I started on another technique page following on from yesterday's which will be about joining drop picots. In the end I resorted to a slightly long winded way of describing it which I will get finished and on my site tomorrow or the next day - with a bit of luck and the wind blowing in the right direction!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Terminology can sometimes be a puzzle!

muskaan said...

To me core thread is always the thread running through the stitches and it seems to hold up in most scenarios. Including with split ring. The core thread remains same through ring even if stitches are formed with different threads.
Now my question is what you call the thread that is making the stitch - auxiliary, knotting, chain, or ball thread ? It is always confusing :-(

Jane Eborall said...

That's my point - the core thread in a ring is also the 'other' thread too!!! I'd probably call it the working thread. I think that's what I've called it in the past as it's doing the 'work'. Very confusing for everybody and I wish I'd had more input on this topic!!!!

Madtatter80 said...

It a chicken and egg question if you ask me, I see your delema and wonder how to explain or name it with out a diagram.

Bernice said...

I call it the working thread, makes sense to me.

muskaan said...

I've become wary of using 'working thread' for the 'other' thread because there are a lot of tatters who consider the core thread as the working thread - it is, after all, doing the work ;-D
But I had an idea - we should call it STITCH THREAD ! The thread that is forming the stitches .

So we have a core thread that runs through the stitches, and a stitch thread that shows up in stitch form - simple really. What do you think ?

Jane Eborall said...

But it's the same thread which is causing the problem with naming it. I tend to describe it as the 'thread coming from the top of the last double worked' which is long winded but to me 'says it all' to me. If only we all stuck to one type of notation life would be a LOT easier. I will NOT use patterns where the simplest thing has been re-named. Too confusing for newbies and oldies like me too.

LibraryLady said...

Core and "other" make sense even when they can be the same thread. One (the core) is in the middle of the stitches and the "other" is what creates the pant legs and waistband. Some days my brain is too old to learn a new term.

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