2 May 2017

The down picot

The down (and out?) picot is such a useful thing. I've used various ways of doing this picot over the years and find it especially useful for animals - mainly for placing their eyes.

Many moons ago I used to use a PC but gave up and moved over to a Mac some 8 - 10 years ago. Whilst on a PC I used a software package for drawing which I got on with reasonably well but it wasn't going to be compatible with a Mac as for some reason the company didn't do a version for IOS. So, that meant a whole new learning curve. Not only on how to use an iMac but also on how to use the drawing package I eventually bought. I downloaded several pieces of software which allowed me to use them on trial for a while. I finally decided on EazyDraw and have had NO regrets on either changes. Now, why am I telling you this? Simply because a few of my pages still have the drawings on that I did in the PC package and I'm slowly replacing them with ones done with EazyDraw. 

Last week sometime I was talking to a tatting friend about the down picot so went to look at my page and realised it needed updating. So, here it is.


Jane McLellan said...

Thanks. After a brief foray into learning a drawing program, I'm hugely impressed by those of you who have mastered them!!

Jane Eborall said...

I've tried several free ones but found them limiting and MUCH harder (if not impossible) to learn!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Thanks for the update, Jane! I have EazyDraw, but I haven't taken the time to really learn how to use it. I guess I should!

Jane Eborall said...

Well if you do get time, Diane and need any help then do ask. I'm very happy to help you.

Bernice said...

Very useful that down picot. You have helped me be a better tatter in so many ways especially love your technique pages and they are my first stop. Thanks again Jane.

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Happy Beaks
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