18 September 2020

One green glove!!!

Well I got to the end of the glove.  Of course I've got to do another now!!!
Another plus mark for this pattern is that the thumb isn't just 'stuck on the side' but placed slightly in towards the palm which is where thumbs are on the hand!!  So many patterns do just stick the thumb on the side and, personally, I find those sort uncomfortable to wear.  

I'm not happy with this glove particularly but I'll find somebody who'll want it, I hope!!!  

Meantime I feel the 'need' to knit another pair - perhaps I'll treat myself to some new yarn!!  Having knitted with stash yarn since the beginning of last winter I feel I now need a 'treat'!!!  


Jane McLellan said...

You deserve a yarn splurge after reducing your stash!

Bernice said...

Ahh, lovely but that's the problem with doing gloves, mittens and socks... you always need to do the second. I find I don't mind if the thumb is on the side.

Tim Kaylor said...

If the thumb is extended inwards towards the thumb, then there is a right and left glove. Sort of like the instep in shoes. Interesting. And dont forget and make 2 left gloves!

Maureen said...

Definitely go wool shopping, you have room for it now!
But first.........another glove.

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Happy Beaks
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