26 March 2010

Another gift

I'm not sure when I'll get to play but this is a package that Sue Anna sent me two days ago.  Isn't that just the kindest thing?  Lizbeth threads AND some wonderful HDT in leafy colours.  They're Yarnplayer's 'leafy' green and in sizes 10, 20, 50 and 80.

Also some chocolate which I'll TRY to keep until April 1st though I can't guarantee it!!!!  When I got back from my day at the NEC last night there was another package from Sue Anna full of other goodies!!!  I'll show you those next week.  It was a looong and tiring day not helped by the torrential rain that I drove home in.  We call it 'Cincinnati rain'!!!!

Hopefully I'll soon have time to show you some photographs that I took yesterday too.  One is of somebody you've all heard of but probably have never seen.  Watch this space - particularly Carol Lawecki!!!!


Gina said...

LOL! Looks like someone is determined to hook you on HDT's! Plying you with chocolate even.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I'm thinking it might be Pam Palmer. She is the first person that popped into my head when you said that. LOL! Can't wait to see if I am correct.

Lovely package from Sue Anna. Yummy colored thread and Yummy chocolate too!! That was very sweet of Sue Anna!! Have fun tatting with your new threads. :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

BEAUTIFUL colors - looks like they are all meant to compliment each other and coordinate with that lovely Mountain Breeze Lizbeth! The chocolates even match! Gosh, I don't think it would be RIGHT to eat the chocolate and bust up the set until you start tatting something with those sweet threads!
:) Ann

Ridgewoman said...

You are like someone else I know. A pkg effects me like a kid in a candy store. I always told my family I'd rather have a box of bits and pieces one big present. I think the most variety and surprises I ever had in a box came from WickedTats. Boy, she sets the standard when I pack boxes now. LOL
Hummm if it WAS Pam Palmer, I'm going to be so green with envy….

Typstatting said...

Love the Lizbeth thread and the chocolate looks yummy, I will have to go and get some now!!!!

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