16 March 2010

Stocking the shop!!

My Etsy shop doesn't sell much and I can't work out what the problem is.  Are the prices too high or are they too low considering that what I offer takes a lot of time to make?

OK, I don't promote myself there which is, I think, the main problem but there again that would take too much time away from designing and that's my first love!!!

Anyway over the past few days I've taken time to make and add a few things to the shop.

I don't mind anybody making my patterns up to sell in the BWW (that's Big Wide World) but please, not online or you'll have the 'wrath of Jane' descend upon you!!!!  I need to be able to raise funds from time to time to feed my addiction or pay for fuel or flights to meet other tatters.  Simply that.  

Below are new additions to the shop.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've often wondered why some shops seem to sell items quickly and others seem to poke along. I"ve tried (unsuccessfully) to sell items I've made throughout the years. I"ve seen items that looked like absolute crap fly off the table next to mine, while my items sat untouched. My ego couldn't take any more, so now I make what I like and carefully tuck it away or use it. If someone truly admires something I make, I make a gift of it (as long as it's not something I want to keep for myself).

As for your items, I don't think the prices are off at all. Often when I look at Etsy shops I get inspired to sit and do my own thing. I already have so much stash in my house that I find it hard to justify purchasing some of the things I admire!

TotusMel said...

You are absolutely right, with etsy, it is all about promotion. I spend an absurd amount of time blogging and on places like facebook and twitter chatting up people, though I generally do so with my tatting needle in hand. Sometimes I feel as if I'm just jumping up and down yelling, 'look at me' but that's what it seems to take to keep the sales up. When I'm off the box for a spell, the sales, they dry right up.
I wonder if some of your little creatures might do better if they were in frames , ready for display...yeah, I don't know, it's mostly that promotion thing.

TAT19540 said...

I love your esty shop and have bought from time to time. I think for the quality of work you produce your prices are very affordable. I have no answer. Being a tatter and having people say 'oh can you make one for me' and than have a heart attack( not really but you know what I mean) when you tell them how much it will cost. Their reaction usually is 'I can't believe it costs THAT much'. I see Marilee's things and think her prices are resonable I KNOW how much time you ladies put in to make the lovely things you make.

Miranda said...

Yes, it's all about promotion. I read this post, went straight over to the shop, and made a purchase. See how easy that was? I always do that when Yarnplayer blogs about a new HDT, too. I'm a total sucker.

I don't think your prices are unreasonable at all, considering the amount of work that goes into these pieces. The problem is that only another tatter would know how much work it is, and we have a tendancy to think, "Oh, I could make that myself." What you need to do is find a way to re-frame it so that we think, "Sure I could do that, but will I?"

My new beaded butterflies will look gorgeous in the east-facing window with the morning sun sparkling on the beads!

Sarah said...

Love it, you do a beautiful job!

victats@gmail.com said...

Totusmel is right about promoting yourself. You have to keep reminding people. That's the part that sucks. On another note, I would buy a pattern book from you in a heart beat.

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