30 September 2013

Chicken wing doily in purple

Bit boring today as it's almost a repeat of Saturday's post except that, of course, this one isn't orange!!!!  Another chicken wing doily which was 'made on holiday'.  Really must get round to sewing them onto some bags.  IF I did that then it would be another project (or two) completed but, of course, there's no chance as I've got two more ideas on the go!!!!

One is a 'thingamijig' to hang my rather large collection of earrings on.  I'll show  you another day.

The project is another new tatting design (thanks to Sally and Joanie) and I'm on about the fourth tat of it now.  Why four?  Well, simply because I'm a plonker and am never happy with the evening's results.  It'll get sorted eventually.  I think you'll like it and it's leading to another follow on idea too!!!

28 September 2013

Chicken wing doily orange

While we were away last week I didn't expect to have an internet connection.  In fact I hadn't even enquired as to whether there was one anywhere near the apartment!!!  It was going to be a week of pure and simple relaxation with books and nothing else to do.  

Well, of course, I couldn't go away without some tatting could I?  I decided to make a chicken wing doily as these are relatively fast to make.  I've got two small tote bags - roughly six inches square that I want to 'jazz up' so these would be ideal to sew onto them.  When I get round to it, of course!!!

So, here's the first one.

Oh, we were in the apartment for about two hours before I 'discovered' a wifi connection from the pub next door.  As we have BT and 'allow' our hub at home to be a 'hot spot' (which, incidentally, is very safe) I downloaded the BT app onto our devices and we were both 'back in business' very quickly!!!!  Sad to say these two old gits can't last long without an internet connection!!!

27 September 2013

TIAS 2013 (second one)!!!

It's strange but great to be on the receiving end of a Tat It And See as I found out the last time Sherry did one.  I'm taking part again this time too.
I set out with great fervour to do day 1.  It wasn't until others started to upload their day 1's here that I realised that something may be wrong with mine.  DOH.  I went back and re-read the instructions and I realised I'd followed them properly.  BUT - and here's the problem - I hadn't used the picot gauge the way round that it needed to be!!!  There are two ways of using a gauge and as I rarely use one it didn't occur to me that I might have got it wrong!!!  Well I did.  I wasn't the only one, thankfully!!!

I always hold mine so that I make the picot over the gauge which is held parallel to the core thread (top picture) but apparently there's another way of holding it so that the gauge is at right angles to the core thread (bottom picture).  Of course if you're a dozy old moo like me you get it wrong you finish up with a picot twice the size it's meant to be!!!  So I had to un tat the whole thing and start again.  I had wound my thread CTM so it wasn't an option to cut and start over.

26 September 2013

Tiny owl

Today I thought I'd show you this little chap.  He's a new owl I made some time ago.  

I offered him to Riet in case she wanted him for night owl classes at Tat Days this year and I was very flattered when she did use him.  I'm not giving you the pattern for this as it's on the Palmetto Tat Days CD which can be found here.  

Of course you don't get just this one tiddly little owl on the CD - you get all these too.  I really must go and order mine before BC3 forgets!!!

The reason this pair have got rings in their heads is not because their a new species of owl but because they're going to be a new pair of earrings - for MEEEEE. 

25 September 2013


OK, here it is - the halloween pattern.  My first halloween pattern too.

Before any of you ask - yes, I did pose for it in front of a mirror.  I had to guess at the broomstick, though, as all we'd got was a rather mangy kitchen mop!!!!!  People who know me will notice that I've elongated the nose as my 'real' one is a bit small and a total failure as far as noses go!!!!

When I first started teaching the youngest kids coming into school (here in the UK they're from 4 - 5 years old), it was Bonfire Night which was of huge interest.  Now not all kids love fireworks (I still don't - well only from the comfort of my armchair and when they're on the telly!) but November 5th (Guy Fawkes day) was celebrated hugely here in the UK.  

There used to be a small mention of Halloween 'back then' which was scary for our kids.  Mention witches, ghosts or anything like that and they were scared.  Not all, but a lot of them.  In the UK this day of the year (31st October) passed us by with rarely a mention.  Then along came the Meg and Mog books and this started to make it less scary for our youngsters.  

With global communication opening up, the Halloween celebration was  gradually imported from  America and now slowly (over here) people appear to be losing interest in Guy Fawkes day - also due to the cost of fireworks too, I suppose.

Yes, THE America with their celebration of halloween finally catching on over here.  THANK you, America.  You did us a huge favour as now witches, ghosts, hobgoblins and all those things are no longer scary but fun AND associated with sweets too!!!  Oh, sorry, I mean candy.

24 September 2013

Another of my recent projects, which I've not shown you before, is this.  A tiny, tiny doily in size 80 threads.  Again I think these threads probably came in the batch that Sue Anna sent ages ago.  Aren't they delicious?  

I made it a couple of weeks ago as I wanted something special to send to somebody and now she's got it.  Happy belated birthday, Joanie.

Oh, this is the Twirly Doily which can be found here.  The finished piece in this size 80 measures 5 ½" in diameter.

23 September 2013

Sherry's TIAS

I'm BACK!!!!  Coming today (23rd) is a new TIAS (Tat It And See) from Sherry which can be found here.  I meant to tell you all about it over a week ago but my BC3 went on holiday with me and I forgot!!!!

So, what else do I have to tell and show you?  Well, coming soon is a new Halloween pattern but I need a day or two to finalise it.  Also a new square motif, a Christmas pattern and goodness knows what else I've forgotten about!!!

I've re-opened the Etsy shop too - somebody asked me about something that was in it but of course I've forgotten who or what!!!!

Thought I'd add a few pictures here from our week in Dorset.  Not your 'usual' holiday photos as that would be boring.  Just the sort that I like to take although I have got 'proper' ones too!!!  Before anybody asks - I managed to get past the fossil shop without them hauling me in to sell me as a specimen!!!!

13 September 2013

Paying for web space

Just thought you might be interested in how I manage my web site.  

My web space is with freeserver.com and many, many years ago I signed up with them and used the free space that they gave me.  I also had space that Nick paid for elsewhere but we ditched that because he wasn't using it and it was expensive. I also had free space at BT too but they dropped that a year or so ago.  Anyway, about five years ago I decided to become independent and started paying for space with freeservers.com because I wanted a backup of everything I did.  I was lazy and just left things at BT until they dropped the free stuff and then I moved everything with all the links to freeservers.

I've been pleased with the space they provide and uploading 'stuff' is really easy.  They charge me $3.95 a month which they collect from me via credit card every two years.  I had the warning that my payment was due yesterday.  That's $94.80 (£60.00).  Interestingly I thought you'd like to know that people who read my blog actually pay for the web site!!!  How does that work?

Well I earn money through running ads on there from Adsense and a month or so ago I had a cheque from them which (along with another I had last November) will pay for the freeservers web space and a bit more!!  Thank you everybody and keep clicking on any of the ads that you like - you're supporting the pattern and technique pages by doing that and keeping an OG out of trouble too!!!  Least most of the time!!!

Just to cheer this post up - here's a teaser for you.  Yes, it's a Fandango square BUT I'm working on doing something else with it as you can probably see round the edges of this picture!! Keep watching this space!!!

12 September 2013

I blame Sally

This is ALL Sally's fault.  I blame her a lot for what I do!!!!  

Sally saw that I'd finished this hanky edging and she decided to start one herself!!!  No problem BUT I then thought 'what a good idea' and have started yet another!!!  This (to me) is the most relaxing edging I've found to do.  Plenty of picots to sew onto the hanky, one round and enough depth to make it worthwhile too.  I can EVEN remember the pattern repeat now and the corners are easy peasy too.  

I do actually use these hankies (well not the last one yet) as ironing them is easy.  I just drop the iron onto the centre and work outwards.  No messing about with it.  I'm using old DMC threads (size 80) which Sue Anna sent me ages ago as she didn't want them.  Love using size 80 and, in my opinion, that's the right size for a hanky too.

11 September 2013

Hmmm, some people!

What IS it about some people that makes you really, really love them?  Even though Kelly is a (hate typing this) needle tatter, I can't help loving her wacky sense off humour.

She and I are always having a 'dig' at each other and I know that some people who follow this blog get quite worried about this and think it goes a bit too far.  I assure you that Kelly and I are good mates and she's invited me many times to stay with her in Canada - if I ever get to Fringe Element Tat Days.  Mainly I think it's because she's a 'wannabe' shuttle tatter!!!

Anyway, when the last Pop A Bobbin shuttles went on sale in my Etsy shop she bought three of the flat shuttles.  I'm HOPING that she'll keep one to learn to tat properly but I'm not sure about that!!!

The picture below is how she announced the arrival of the package at her home!!!!  Nice toes, Kelly!!!

10 September 2013

Martha's new book

Before I start today - I had a new pram arrive yesterday and it's now here on the TIAS blog.  Thanks, Monica.

Last week my copy of Martha's book arrived in the post.  

As one of her test tatters I'd already made three of the designs in there but I was DYING to have a go at the fairy called Frivolette, the Chinese dragon and the baby dragon too.  I really must recommend this book not only for the fantastic and unique designs in it but also for the clarity of the written patterns and diagrams.  Yes, you get both (pictures and text) from Martha which is how I like my patterns to be written too.  Mainly because they're SO much easier to follow than 'just diagrams'.  Here's the link to where to buy your copy of this 'must have' book.

All I need now is time as I'm currently trying to resolve another new pattern and finish off the TIAS (still re-jigging stitch counts etc).  

9 September 2013

I went to Tat Days

Yes I DID!!  

I went there for a few minutes on Friday evening and I saw lots of my friends for a short while.  There was Joanie, Sandra, Randy (as in Houtz), JB, Anitra (of the owls), Nina (as in Libin), Pam, Shawna and loads more who passed by and waved.  WHAT a TREAT.

Joanie has an iPad and we did FaceTime which is like Skype.  It was great to be there if only for such a short time.  Working out time zones and then wondering who was on daylight saving is always a problem so Joanie emailed me a few minutes before so I could get ready.  

No, that doesn't mean I had to dash and put make up on (what IS that stuff?) or even comb my hair but it does mean that I needed to find a quiet place in the house to talk.

Oh, I also visited Bonnie's house on Wednesday (again using Joanie's iPad and FaceTime) for the pre-tat days meeting that a few of the gang have each year Sadly I couldn't stay for the ice cream (her own home made and MEGGA yummy) and even if I had it probably wouldn't have tasted very good via wi fi!!!  I adore Bonnie's ice cream.

Oh, before I forget, I'll be putting my Etsy shop on vacation on Wednesday as I'll be away from home for a week starting on Saturday.  If you want anything before I go away please make sure you pay the shop a visit.  Don't worry - I'll be back!!

7 September 2013

The best laid

No, not eggs but plans.  The best laid plans of mice and men etc.  Well my excuse is that I'm not a mouse nor a man so I can break my own rules!!!
After Joanie's very kind gift I was prompted to put the beads away tidily.  Oh, did I say tidily?  Well I'm pretty good at tidying up but absolutely hopeless at keeping tidy so by now my bead stash was really untidy again.  This prompted another 'grand tidy up'!!!!

Having spent two afternoons (after my walk) on the floor in front of my tatting cupboard tidying up and sorting all my beads I realised that I certainly don't need anymore for a while.  Certainly not large 'feature' beads as I do have quite a few of those.  By that I mean ones like I used here and here.  I spoke firmly to BC3 and we reached an agreement that no more beads would be allowed in the house.

Well that lasted until yesterday when I went down to the open air market in town.  This week they had a charity stall and I really 'needed' to look on it 'just in case' there was anything that may be useful.  Now these charity stalls don't come round often and it's a VERY rare occasion when I find something that I can use so I thought it was safe to look.  

I found the top bracelet and was well chuffed and after buying other stuff I wandered home.  When I got back Nick reminded me I was supposed to get some meat from the 'meat man' so back I went and again was tempted back to the charity stall.  This time I found the necklace (second picture).  The third picture is of them both together.

Well now you know it wasn't safe to look AND BC3 was missing too!!!

6 September 2013

A pair of earrings

I love earrings and I love making them to give away.  These will be off to their new owner today - IF I make it down the town, of course!!!

This is the pattern I used.  One of my favourites as it's got weight thanks to the beads and you can also play around with the beads too!!!  This time I actually stuck to the pattern!!!

Sometimes I make the side chains shorter and you can also do the same to the bottom long beaded picot too.  Lots of ideas to play with!!

4 September 2013

Bob's yer uncle

Yawn, yawn, blah, blah!!!  I know you're bored with these beads but I'm not!!!  I know the Winsome pattern is fiddly but it doesn't worry me.  Actually I find a long necklace like this quite soothing to make.

Passes the time when I probably should be doing something less useful like concentrating on the rubbish on the telly!!!!!  So, there you have it - Bob's yer uncle - the final part of the trio.  

I suppose you want to see the set all together?  OK, here they are!

3 September 2013

The rest of the goodies in the box.

OK, in the box from Joanie were other 'goodies' too.  I was intrigued when I first saw the needles (these are a different type of self threading needles which I've seen advertised but never found) and now I'll be able to 'test drive' them.  I ALWAYS sew in my ends as I go along and hope this will make life a lot easier.

Remember the hummingbird?  Why would I cut that up for beads when Joanie sent me all these wonderful Toho beads?  Can you see the two fans too?  I need those when I'm sitting in our 'office' as it gets rather stuffy in there.

The second picture down is bags of buttons.  I had to smile when I saw the note on the outer bag.  It says 'for Sally,if it makes it to her'!!!!  I posted it the following day so that I wouldn't lose it in the morass of this place we call home!!!

Finally the sewing kit.  I'll be taking that when I go on holiday in the future.  What a great idea.

Thank you so much, Joanie.  I'm a very happy tatter.

2 September 2013

A box of goodies.

Now this (top picture) is what started my obsession with these solar 'inspired' toys.  When Sally and I first got into Joanie's car last year she had one EXACTLY like this on her dashboard.  That was it for me - love at first sight (please don't tell Nick!).  

Last Friday a box arrived at Chez Eborall which was full of surprises from Joanie.  I took the box into the 'office' (which is really a bedroom) to open it.  Nick was in the next room lying on the bed reading his paper.  He wondered what on earth was going on when there were hoots of laughter coming from me so I had to dash to him to show him my hula, hula girl!!!  She was the first thing I pulled out of the box and is very energetic too - tried to emulate her but failed dismally as my rather rotund belly wouldn't work properly!!!

Beneath is a hummingbird made entirely of beads.  I adore watching the hummers out of Joanie's window and this little red throated one is EXACTLY like those that visit her yard.  I had to smile at the little note on it saying that he wasn't to be demolished (I think the right terminology is 'bead extraction')!!!!!!  As IF I would do that to a hummingbird.

More box news soon - it doesn't end here!

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Happy Beaks
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