2 June 2014

Will you get bored?

Yes, I think you might!!!! I'm going to be blogging some of my recent 'makes' so you may well start yawning and groaning!!!

Please don't leave me, though as I will be putting up more interesting 'stuff' during the boring phase - tat's a promise!!!

Today I'm showing you the first of my latest 'got to just tat' things. I go through phases of just wanting to 'make something'. I can't live a day without making something (sometimes just mischief) and designing new 'stuff' means I go days and days without actually 'making' anything I can share.  I enjoy that too but sometimes one just 'has to tat'!!!!

So, below is a Starry Button Bracelet and a pair of these earrings.  Now I know I've got earrings that 'go' with the bracelet but they are rather larger than most people would wear. These are going to be gifts so I'm more 'careful' about sizing. 


Jane McLellan said...

Just beautiful! And having tried your pattern I know how much work is involved.

Pigmini said...

Must get mine of that bracelet finished! And earwigs too!!

God's Kid said...

Love that set and the colors!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Never boring, Jane! I just commented to Diane that she is constanty on the go and accomplishing things, and of course, you are the same way, and I admire you
both! These earrings look so nice and are a good size. Your bead work is amazing on that bracelet!

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Happy Beaks
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