31 December 2018

New hat

I'm back!!! Wonder what next year will bring, eh?

I was wandering round one of the Christmas markets the other week and I spotted some hats. I have problems with hats as I have a small head. Yes I know that I don't need a bigger one as there isn't a lot inside the one I've got!!! BC3 rattles around inside that boney space without any other company.

I decided I needed a hat. I went round and round the markets looking and looking.  Really, really needed one that covers my ears in case it gets cold this winter. So what did I do? Came home without buying one.

As I was walking around I remembered I'd got some yarn left from a huge ball I bought from a store in Canada. So when I got back I started looking online for a pattern. Got bored with that after half an hour and found a crochet hook, the yarn and sat down to make a 'hat from thin air'.

I made a crochet chain and a few rows, tried it on and it was too big so I pulled it out, made a shorter chain and started again. This was fun to make and I didn't have any further problems til it came to decreasing. How many and at what 'rate' should that happen. Actually it wasn't a problem as I had a very convenient head to try it on as I was working!!! Least that's something I can't lose easily - my head!!! So, after an afternoon and evening's work I had a new hat which is warm and I like too!!!

21 December 2018

Start of third Coriolis

Having been so, so disappointed with my colour choices on the last Coriolis I decided to start another!!! I can never leave anything alone until I'm totally happy with it!!!! 

I'm hoping to make another six using different colour ways and than maybe even another round after that. Bit ambitious as I may well fall out of love with these colours in due course!!! Who knows.

I'm taking a break from blogging next week as I want to concentrate on my new idea!!! There'll be plenty of time while 'watching' the telly which is a skill I'm hopeless at!!! 

So, see you after the Silly Season!!!

20 December 2018

Progress after problems!!

Well things progressed and I reached this stage not long after. 

Then things went pear shaped!!! I noticed that shortly after the first picture that there were two holes where there shouldn't be holes!!! Yes - calamity had struck again!!! Is this yarn fated or will BC3 simply HAVE to be replaced and if so who is going to step up and take his place?

I could've sewn up the two holes that shouldn't have been there but I didn't. You can guess what I did. I spent two days unwinding it all back to the boo boo's and then set off again!!! This is where I am now!

19 December 2018

This Way That Way Motif

Before I start.  I had 23 anonymous spam comments yesterday and all but one were on a post I made back in 2009!!!  I find it annoying but also amusing as the comments are so obviously not thought out and whoever is doing it is simply wasting their time. Delete, delete, delete!!!!!

So today I’m showing you yet another motif which has been updated mainly because I hated the colours of threads I'd used previously!!!

I'm really loving these colours together and may have to make another. 

Of course this can be varied as the 'odd' SLT here and there would make it even more interesting to a butterfly brain like BC3's!!!!

18 December 2018

Block tatted motif - Coriolis

Back in November I started on another of those whirly motifs and during odd moments while out and about I've managed to finish another six!!!! Here is a picture of the first one which I showed you back on the 19th November.

Sadly by the time I'd done 3 or 4 of these I was out of love with the colours I've used!!! 

Nothing to do but throw away what I'd done or carry on!!! So, BC3 being BC3 he just carried on. Still not happy with it but I've started another now!!!

I asked Sue to test tat this (or did she ask me?) and she's also come up with a stonking GREAT name for it. The Coriolis. Here's an article to explain what that is!

17 December 2018

Another re-tat!!!

This week MIGHT be a quiet week in my corner of Tat Land although I seem to have got a few things to show you.  Enough for my daily blog posts from Monday to Friday!!!  

Stop yawning - you don't HAVE to read them if you don't want to!!!

The main reason for a little quietness is because I'm busy on a new idea!!! Also I've lots of other things I'm working on too but which aren't yet ready to show!!!

This is the small motif on my Motifs and Snowflakes page. There really wasn't a lot 'wrong' with it but I HATED the green one on the link page so simply had to re-tat it and that meant reading the pattern and that meant BC3 needed to do the odd alteration!!! Never ending but still fun. 

14 December 2018

I really really needed

Some new earwigs!! I mean earrings!

Now if you believe that you’ll believe anything. I think I’ve got more earrings in my bedroom than worms in my compost bin but an old git can never have enough pairs, can they?

I decided that the day before yesterday’s tiny snowflake just needed more beads to make it a little more sparkly and some findings to make it ready to hang from the aged ears!!! So, in the space of an hour or two I had a new pair of earrings.

Interestingly I’ve been wearing them now for a couple of days and people have actually commented on them. 

We had a party for the residents in our street on Tuesday lunchtime and two neighbours arrived in Christmas tree earrings that they’d bought off me. I’d been wearing my pair since the 1st December so it was a change to wear snowflake ones.

12 December 2018

Teeny tiny snowflake

Back into definite snowflake 'mode' again and this one has been played around with too!!! 

This is the link for a quick and easy snowflake. An old pattern of mine with a new look - well, a beaded one anyway!!!

11 December 2018

Tiny star OR snowflake

First of all a notice to the 19 ‘anonymous’ people who left comments on yesterday’s blog - don’t bother.  You won’t get published.  If I’ve accidentally deleted a genuine comment then I apologise.  It is quite amusing to think that people who leave comments like those would even think they’d get past BC3’s eagle eyes!!

I did warn you that it was snowflake week and I bet you didn't believe me!!! 

This is another star/snowflake type motif that needed a new picture and, of course, that led to beads too!!!!

10 December 2018

Snowflake week!!!

Yes it's officially snowflake week in my corner of Tat Land!!!! I'm on a roll with updating patterns so nothing new but hopefully a lot of improvements!!!

This is another re-tat of a snowflake I did waaaaay back in 2004. I totally HATED the image on the pattern site so have been trying to get round to sorting that out since forever!!!!

This is the link to the pattern where you'll also notice that I've tinkered around with it a bit!!!!

7 December 2018

Another cat!!!

Yes another Pam Palmer cat. They're now ready to give as a little Christmas present and are 'sitting' (or rather, lying) on a hand towel. 

Can you see - I remembered to give them whiskers too!!! Proper looking cats!!!

6 December 2018

Further progress on the throw

Just a quick post today to show I've not been lazy!!!! I'm really beginning to love this throw - or whatever it's going to be!!!!!

5 December 2018

Another test

This is another of the Silly Silly Snowflakes that I did. 

I'm a real fusspot when it comes to getting things like this 'done right' without mistakes. So, then tell me, why is it I'm always making mistakes in my patterns?!?!?

The variegated thread is some of Karey's and the maroon is a Lizbeth thread. 

I think this motif was a hard one to design as it must've been almost the first time I'd used a ring on the second side of the split ring. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

4 December 2018

How can anybody resist?

My friend has just become a grandma for the first time and I simply HAD to make these lovely bootees for the new little girl.

They're in this book (see top picture below). 

Not very good photos, I'm afraid.

It was a real fiddle to make these but SUCH a fun pattern. I LOVE fiddly things as they're such a challenge!!!

3 December 2018

More updating

There is a reason for all this 'going back' over things!!! It's not just to drive myself bonkers but also for another reason which will be revealed one day.

This is an old and ancient motif/snowflake which I've dated as 2004 as I know it was in my early days of putting things on my web site. During this update I've had to re-draw the diagrams and have carefully changed the text too so that it should be easier to understand and make. Times change and so does my method of recording my work too!!!

I remember learning these new techniques and being afraid, very afraid of using them in patterns as (probably) nobody else would be able to use them!! Nowadays these are 'everyday' techniques so I'm no longer afraid!!! Here's the link to the newly named Motif 2. As usual it was a struggle to find a name and once I'd done that all my links and filing system had to be changed too!!! 

Now onto the next update!!!

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